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For your own Health and for a Healthy Planet

Dahlke (Photo: Omar Borubaev)

We are used to hearing that people are starving all over the world. Between 20,000 and 40,000 children die from starvation every single day. The well-fed of this world, to which we are fortunate enough to belong, has become accustomed to such misery, and it doesn’t even make the news reports anymore. Our eating habits make us not only complicit in this situation, but even responsible for it. The countries of the hungry in the so-called Third World are constantly exporting appalling amounts of meat and feed to our countries in order to feed people and fatten animals for slaughter. The “shadow principle” clearly reveals itself in this situation. But this principle is exactly what we do not want to look at, even though nothing would help us more than a contemplation of our shadow side.

This is nothing new, but what is new is that Major studies have irrefutably demonstrated how much harm we do not only to the health of the people in the Third World and all the animals of the world, but also to ourselves in the wealthy nations. US nutritional guru Prof. Colin Campbell makes particularly clear in his “China Study” the extent to which meat intake and the consumption of dairy products lead to and accelerate the most prevalent diseases of our time and civilization, specifically, diseases like cancer and heart disease, allergies and diabetes I and II, diseases of age such as dementia or Alzheimer’s and, unfortunately, many others. In the truest sense of the word, we are destroying ourselves with this deluge of animal protein.

This may sound particularly frightening, especially because it is the exact opposite of what we were told for decades by our politicians and by the propaganda of the dairy, meat and food industries. Dairy products do not protect against osteoporosis, but are the most direct path towards it, and even more, stimulates cancer to an alarming extent as does every type of animal protein.

Fortunately, however, it’s never too late to turn the clock back. The evidence is compelling and is also presented in a way that is comprehensible to the layman in “Peace-Food – How Renouncing Meat and Milk Heal the Body and Soul.” Countries with virtually no milk consumption, such as Nigeria, have a remarkably low incidence of osteoporosis. Nations with an even higher degree of milk consumption than ours, such as Finland, experience it as a national plague. Anyone wanting to increase their chances of getting prostate cancer or breast cancer is best advised to consume dairy products; meat also increases the chances of contracting cancer. For this reason, packages of milk, yoghurt or meat should contain the same types of cautionary remarks that we find on cigarette boxes, even though the remarks already there do more harm than good.

On the other hand, we can avoid all of this and still come out ahead to a great extent, and the good news is that it is not even difficult. A change in diet in terms of “Peace-Food” is not so much about renunciation as it is about gains for the person concerned, and much more.

Instead of feeding masses of high-quality carbohydrates to animals bound for slaughter in order to produce small quantities of dangerous animal protein, life can be wonderfully stimulated by the use of vegetable foods, as I know from personal experience. As soon as we stop eating the fear of the slaughtered animals, stored in form of stress and anxiety hormones in their flesh, we begin to feel relief and liberation and move closer to inner peace. I have been a vegetarian for more than 40 years and, five years ago, I became a vegan. There are many wonderful gifts that have come out of this way of life. First, not only is it easier to maintain your ideal weight, but physical exercise turns out to be much more joyful, while raising metabolism and in turn making it easier to achieve your desired figure. Most importantly, your zest for life is enhanced, unpleasant body odors disappear, and in time, your body may even exude a pleasant fragrance. You have more energy, which makes you feel more at ease and puts you in a better mood. A wonderful outer sign of the inner peace that you have achieved in this way is that even wildlife let go of fear and approach you with confidence while you are meditating. Butterflies land on you as they normally would only on flowers. Above all, it is a huge relief to get rid of the misery and torment of the slaughtered animals you otherwise would have eaten and to experience yourself in a free and peaceful manner.

Of course, it is still appropriate to care for the state of our own souls, in the sense of “disease as a symbol,” and to interpret the problems and demands of our souls through the symptoms of the disease, as I have advocated for more than three decades. On the other hand, there is the body. This is the meaning of psychosomatics, as “somatic” stands for the organism in its physicality. In the book, “Peace-Food,” this most healthy diet is described in full detail, and meanwhile, there is now quite a number of cook books that can guide you along this path of nourishment in a tasty way and help you get started.

We can meditate and pray for peace, and we can also eat peace. One does not exclude the other; on the contrary, a balanced vegetarian diet promotes deeper meditation which again enhances inner peace which, in my opinion, is a mandatory requirement for external peace. The title “Peace-Food” was therefore chosen deliberately, food for inner and outer peace.

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  1. I really enjoyed this text! Where can I find the book?
    Also I would like to volunteer to translate it into Portuguese if you need it.

    Best wishes,
    Maria Teresa Santos

    • Dear Maria, I will contact the author and will ask him about the translation. So far I only know the German book!

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