A Plea for a Future Worth Living: Speech by Jürgen Kleinwächter


Everyone who is fortunate enough to experience nature with all of their senses will be enchanted by its fascinating beauty and its boundless depth. Whether they believe in a Creator or acknowledge the unfathomable in another way, they will come to the conclusion that to experience and explore the different aspects of nature with pleasure and curiosity should be the highest purpose of our life. They will feel a sweet freedom upon embarking on this spiritual and physical journey, expressing their talents perhaps as an artist, a scientist, an adventurer or simply in enjoyment – or in a multitude of com-binations of all these possibilities.

But when they look at the actual situation of most of the human beings on our planet they will realise that we live in a wretched era! The only freedom that exists in this ever accelerating spiral of globalisation is of a most perverted kind! The situation is created by the seemingly rational argument one has to survive in a world of dwindling resources and dramatically increasing population. Under this premise, the exploration of the world as described above will, at best, be discounted as the sentimental fantasies of a few romantics.
Since we hang like junkies on the drip of international streams of goods, and our life does of course depend on energy, food, medicine, clothes, etc. – which come to us from places ever farther away – we have to, whether we like it or not, act on the seemingly inescapable rules of a global market economy. And in the end these rules say: no dreams, no idleness, roll up your sleeves and get to work, learn a lesson from the hard-working Asians who do not complain, but work for 12 hours a day, seven days a week – and this for a much smaller wage. In the face of todays hectic pace and increasing global competition, it is considered defeatist to point out some of its consequences: isn’t it foreseeable that the shift of production to low-wage countries will automatically lead to a situation where one cheap-labor country will be replaced by the next even cheaper one, leaving behind a globally wandering strip of burned soil? Isn’t the increasing destruction of the natural environment which is connected with this shortsighted type of economy a clear sign that we are impoverishing ourselves in the end? Those who mention that we are on a sinking ship are quickly denounced as doomsayers and alarmists. When one looks closer, the views of the representatives of globalisation fall apart of their own accord.

Their basic premise of shortage of resources, and the compulsive globalisation that comes with with it, can easily be seen as panic–mongering or at best as plain ignorance. Nature, of which we human beings are a part, did not equip us so poorly with energy sources that after 200 years of digging and fighting for fossil energy carriers we now face the beginning of a dark age. We are experiencing a crisis of imagination rather than a crisis of energy! During the last 30 years in particular – and fully in the sense of scientific exploration of nature with which this piece began, it has been realised that solar energy and its secondary effects likewind and wave power constitute a super-abundant, clean and already decentrally available source of energy which will be available as long as planet earth exists. The representatives of the present energy suppliers have to be careful, if they want to muzzle advocates of small and decentralised energy supplies from solar sources with their threadbare argument that only a lack of economic judgement could lead anyone to claim that local solutions are able to compete with centralized large-scale power plants. It is exactly their argument for “large-scale power plants” that speaks for solar energy! How ridiculously small do the biggest power plants installed by human beings appear, compared to the enormous reactor “sun”, which provides planet Earth at any given moment – and will do for at least another three billion years – with 15,000 times the energy that is needed today worldwide and distributes this energy equally through a stream of light made up of photons and which is therefore ideal for decentralised use!

The dream of a monopolistic energy supply has therefore already been achieved. But the supplier is called “Sun” and is no commercial enterprise. This supplier is not aiming to make a profit. Its only aim is to provide clean energy, free of charge, present solely to create life, happiness and a worthwhile future for all of us. Its high voltage circuits are soft photon flows with multifunctional effects. One of the effects is for instance the creation of our brains, which want to, and can, joyfully dedicate themselves to the exploration of this heavenly gift – if they are not prevented from doing so by false arguments. Should we really – like Tantalus – be allowed to catch a glimpse of what we desire and then, due to the “hard reality of competitive business”, be unable to pursue it? Our answer is a clear no! Even though so far relatively little time and money has been invested in discovering the technical possibilities for the utilization of solar energy, a clear picture of a multitude of possibilities is becoming visible today, with fascinating synergies and above all with sustainable, soft solutions to the global problems caused by the “lack of resources”.
Already it is possible to produce the goods mentioned earlier using solar energy in local, self-sufficient regions, thereby creating safe jobs. In this way the fatal dependence of energy and food on the global market economy can be replaced and the gift of creation can be accepted with much curiosity of discovery.

For the majority of people this sounds utopian as they are influenced by the misleading information of world economic interests which suggest that such “socially romantic” notions will lead to a shortage of goods and subsequent impoverishment – in short, life will slide back into pre- industrial conditions (“ … they want to go back to stone age!”) And at this point, at the latest, the Creator will, apart from shedding some tears and being disappointed, be beside himself with holy rage, as would anyone whose generous gifts are neither accepted nor seen for what they are. Did He not equip His human creatures with a brain with all kinds of sensors to understand the correlations of nature? Don ́t the people, who live on the rich side of the present imbalance, who have received comfortable education, who have a secure existence also have the duty and responsibility to accept and use the divine gifts and share them with the disadvantaged beings in the poorhouse of this earth – don’t they have to recreate a balance? We are standing at a unique point in the history of humankind. Never before has the sum of threats through catastrophes, wars and delusion of profit been as high as today. Greed and avarice – with new slogans associating greed with sexiness – threaten to push us into a spiral of destruction. But the insights and possibilities for a brighter future have also never before been so great. What is stopping us?

Disbelief? This could be changed with information and above all by demonstration of what is already possible. Fear? If we believe that we will only be able to maintain our “standard of living” by discriminating and excluding the poor people of this world then we have every reason for fear: The resulting wave of violence and terror will flood us all.
Mercilessness? One could think that this impedes us. We do indeed live in a society of information and can hardly claim that we are not aware of the misery and exploitation of large parts of humankind. However, we are masters of selective perception and suppression.

Is it a question of our society? Yes! Since the only future our society has to offer is based on fights about distribution and the right of the “stronger”, the most proficient individuals have adapted an attitude of egotism, elbow–mentality and profit–orientation. The principle of love is degenerated to narcissism. Outer appearance is worth more than inner being. Time for reflection, for lateral thinking, for imagination does not exist. The engine is running ever faster towards the abyss.

So is it a hopeless situation? No! Big revolutions in the history of humankind have always taken place when two conditions were met:
1. The idea behind the revolution is contemporary. (Victor Hugo: “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”)
2. A small group of people manifests an idea and becomes a germ cell of dynamic change. To make this change positive and sustainable, more conditions have to be added:
3. The idea has to be undogmatic and respect all that lives.
4. The group must be consistent with the idea, i.e. its paradigm is love for Creation and the deep wish to conserve and take care of it.
5. If this worldview does not merely develop out of a sense of duty but comes from the joy of discovery, happiness and fulfilment, then the change becomes irresistible. Young people especially, can receive impulses which will unleash unimagined powers and effects.

Is Utopia close? Yes! Solar technologies are being developed with great vitality – despite little financial support. The already developed markets, with double–digit growth rates show that the core industry of the 21st century is being born here. There is still the danger that despite the obvious advantages of solar technologies – especially their decentralised utilization– the technology may be pressed into the prevailing pattern of conventional energy technologies with its centralized production, pure profit-orientation and the discrimination against poor regions. However, there are already many groups worldwide which have recognised what is needed now and will act as spearheads of an evolutionary revolution. One concrete example is the start of cooperation of the Healing Biotope Tamera in Southern Portugal with my technology group in Germany. A more than 30-year old project is coming to fruition in Tamera around Sabine Lichtenfels, Dieter Duhm and others. A group of about 100 people has built up a unique, alternative form of living on an area of 134 hectares in the rural Alentejo. Based on the premisses of respectful contact with all fellow human beings, they have developed a model of peaceful cohabitation which reduces fear and solves inner conflicts of established societies. This allows for individual expression in arts, in trainings and in the joy of doing experiments. The young people and the children at the schools of Tamera stand out especially, displaying immense spontaneity, creativity and happiness.

The adults come from various branches of classical professions: priests, doctors, craftsmen, biologists, physicists, technicians and so on. They all participate in the development of Tamera and attach great importance to ecological aspects. International summer universities and seminars are held where people from the crisis regions of this world like Israel, Palestine or Colombia find a place to express their concerns.
The basic idea is to research a theoretical and practical basis for a culture of trust through cooperation in a worldwide network of scientists and peace workers and to attempt to bring these together in one place. If such a prototype – a peaceful and sustainable cohabitation of human beings and animals and cooperation with nature – happens at one place, a net of working peace villages can develop worldwide. The global vicious circle of hate, violence and fear will be replaced by a culture of peace. The basic requirement for this to happen is a society which, off the beaten tracks of established society, overcomes the seeds of all conflicts – the inner societal lovelessness – thus forming a sustainable base for future development.

The solar energy research in which I am involved could provide the technological-ecological core of this prototype for a global village. We possess the technology of the “Solar Power Village” which has been developed over a period of 25 years of research and development. An “energy intelligent” green house which apart from being a production place of first-class biological products (food) is also a technology that uses the incoming spectrum of sun rays to generate warmth, mechanical and electrical energy and cooling. The additional components needed are also “energy intelligent” like the green house itself and can be constructed in simple ways with local material. This installation can supply villages and communities with energy and food and in addition it creates stable local jobs. It does not aim at an economical uncoupling of individual communities. They become independent only with regard to food and energy. Methods for solar clearing of drinking water, solar water pumps, solar-driven corn mills and other useful systems needed in rural areas complete the whole project. The technology is made to be adapted to local needs. An international network of similar development activities will assist the gradual building up of the individual “Solar Village” communities that may be connected to synergetic regional networks.

(Note: “Solar Village” is the name for the whole research settlement which is to be built up in Tamera; “Solar Power Village” is the name of the solar technology) My research group and Tamera will cooperate as follows:
1. In 2009 the test field for a “Solar Power Village” was set up in Tamera.
2. This facility will be used by a part of the inhabitants of Tamera. This will demonstrate that a comfortable life is possible under these conditions.
3. Tamera serves as a place of demonstrations and for seminars to transfer the know–how to interested groups from the “Third World”. With the support of these groups adaptations to specific local needs can be developed for the establishment of such villages in their own countries.
4. Another possibility would be to bring the various versions of the “Solar Power Village” (i. g. solar power plants with combined plant production) to the market in financially strong countries. An “ethics clause” could ensure that 10% of the profit will go into the establishment and development of “Solar Power Villages” in poor countries.
Around the “Solar Power Village” a “Free Academy” will develop in Tamera where the idea will be advanced and supported on an international level. Essential is that the “Solar Power Village” is the germ cell of an evolutionary development from which the most various future technologies evolve. Finally, a situation is to arise in which the people also in the hitherto poor countries of the earth are liberated from the “fight for survival” and can start to discover the world in all its facets, in real freedom, with creativity and joy.
This is a path of evolution of the human society that will lead to a new paradigm.
The production of essential goods by means of solar energies, simultaneous with a globalisation of free cultural exchange in the sense of a global peace initiative.


Jürgen Kleinwächter

Physicist and inventor, Lörrach/ Germany

Born in 1944, brought up in France, Germany and Egypt, studied physics and astro-physics in Grenoble and founded together with his father Hans Kleinwächter the institute KLERA: “Kleinwächters Entwicklung und Forschung, Raumfahrt und Atomtechnik” [Kleinwächter’s Development and Research, Space.] They investigated light weight optics, thermo- dynamic and concentrator photovoltaic systems and their application. Wishing to develop a peaceful technology which really helps people to improve their living conditions he has been dedicating himself to the research and application of Solar Technology for 30 years.

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