35 years in the making, a provocative short film that explores the new mythology of love and sexuality for the modern age. A Campaign

In the 21st century, the dawn of the hyperconnected world has caused many to deeply question love. Rolling Stone has dubbed this era the “Millenial’s Sexual Revolution,” where sex, intimacy, and partnership are being “radically reexamined.”

Many of us grew up with the myth of THE ONE. The powerful idea that our happiness depends on finding our one true love – the person who will complete us. Some are indeed lucky enough to find a committed partnership that is passionate and resilient. But for many, this is a fairy tale.

Even if you find the one, you probably continue to feel attraction to other people, or your partner may cheat on you or maybe the business of daily life takes over and you stop having physical intimacy. Or maybe you simply fall out of love.

By believing that our partner has to be EVERYTHING, we create unrealistic expectations that cause our relationships to strain, fizzle, or often… break.

In the last decade, we’ve witnessed the shift from the individual to the social network, the rise of the collaborative economy, and the internet as an abundant space.

Yet with 7 billion people on earth in a world of hyper connection, many of us continue to be starved for intimacy and connection. In North America and Europe over ½ of marriages end in divorce, and domestic violence has risen to epidemic levels.

So what happened to this story of happily ever after?

The Tamera Peace Research Village in Portugal is a global leader on research into new models of love and relationship.

In our society, love is usually a private matter between two people, causing many to wrongly believe that their problems are not shared. Looking to the collective trauma of a 6,000 year system of patriarchy, Tamera realized the private wounds of love and sexuality are actually universal and global issues, in which their healing is key to Tamera’s mission of creating a “future without war.”

“The drama of humanity is in large part of the drama of unrequited love.” – Dieter Duhm, Tamera co-founder

Starting with the formation of a small group in Germany in the 1970’s, the project began to research human relationship – love, sex, and partnership – understanding these as the basic foundations for a sustaining larger community. In their research, Tamera discovered trust and solidarity as the ultimate necessity for human relationship, and that their deepest forms are only possible in community. But how to create communal trust in the areas of deepest historical trauma for human relationship?

Over the years Tamera has socially engineered a number of “unusual methods” to create trust in their community. Core to these methods is the idea of complete public transparency in all matters of love and sexuality.

“When people recognize each other in their shared afflictions, they feel less need to disguise themselves and can live together with greater trust. To be seen is to be loved. ” – Dieter Duhm

With the support of a community in solidarity and a social climate of trust, Tamera operates in a system they call “Free Love,” which is not based on any prescribed relationship model or practice, but rather love based on one’s deepest truth – a truth free from coercion, fear and violence.

“We give no ideological answers to these questions but we are looking for new spaces of experience, for truth and insight. The solution does not begin with a confession for monogamy, polygamy or celibacy but with an inner truth that is supported by the truth of others.” – Dieter Duhm

For the past 35 years Tamera has used their breakthroughs in social sustainability as the base from which to develop numerous other projects of environmental sustainability, now comprising a global education campus, which hosts thousands of students and volunteers as well as permanent residence to nearly 200 “peace-workers.”

In addition, Tamera has founded a global network, Terra Nova, which features many other centers, or Healing Biotopes, which Tamera calls, “Greenhouses of Trust.”

“To become capable of love, we must learn to participate in the world. Participation is part of the secret of love. This brings us inevitably into the field of ethics. Participation means trust, resolution of fear barriers, overcoming prejudices, and throwing back the bolts with which we have locked our hearts.

To become capable of love, we must develop a system of life in which real trust between people arises and grows. It is this trust that opens the heart and the body, dissolves the body armour and heals the soul.” – Dieter Duhm

Tamera founded the Global Love School to spread their research and help others discover their own truth in love. The filmmakers have been invited to this year’s Global Love School, which will serve as the backdrop for this film.

Our filming will begin at Tamera’s annual Global Love School in May 2015 and continue into other dynamic areas of the Tamera project.

It is our aim to capture and translate Tamera’s systems on love & partnership for a wider audience. Video is the most powerful tool we have for spreading powerful memes throughout our globalized culture.

Our short film will illuminate the core mythology of Tamera, along with the architecture of their social systems that create a culture of peace. The film will also include links to further education resources and materials to support the spread of these practices on a global scale.

Principle photography will be completed at Tamera, then we’ll shift into post-production for June/July/August. The film will be widely released in Sept 2015, to coincide with the North American book release from their co-founder Dieter Duhm.

About the book: “We live in apocalyptic times. We see the miracles of technology, the high gloss of urban façades, the wealth of the elites; and we see the beaten and starving human beings, the destroyed nature and the war machine that has gotten out of control.

We need nothing more urgently today than an idea of how it could go on. Most futurists are thereby thinking of new systems for energy, food, urban living, markets, and economy. Only a few visionaries also include the human inner world in their survival strategies. One of them is Dieter Duhm.”

Learn more about the Terra Nova book here.


This film will be used in a variety of ways:

viewed together with a partner to create a dialogue and vulnerability allowing the relationship to drop deeper into more authentic spaces, whether the relationship is monogamous, polyamorous or otherwise.
shown in conferences & workshops on relationships and sexuality; igniting group discussion towards applying Tamera’s models in a global context
watched online by millions of people to shift our understanding of love, partnership & sexuality, in service to healing interpersonal conflict, allowing for the liberation of love
and much more!


Our team has a strong track record of creating powerful films with real-world impact. Here are a few examples:

OCCUPY LOVE (2013) – Directed by Velcrow Ripper, and co-produced by Ian MacKenzie & Nova Ami, this feature documentary tracked the revolutions that rocked the globe in 2011. From Tunisia to Egypt, Barcelona to Wall St, we connected the dots of this movement of movements. The film was released to the community, and screened at festivals and hundreds of activist gatherings all over the world.

SACRED ECONOMICS (2013) – Based on the book by visionary Charles Eisenstein, this 12 minute film illuminated a new economic system based on the story of inter-being. The film has been seen over 600,000 times and accelerated the vision of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

THE STORY OF STUFF (2007) – Directed by Louis Fox, The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. The short film continues to be a massive success, garnering over 3,00,000 views online and spurring numerous other “Story of” films.

We are confident our new film HEALING OF LOVE will be just as successful and create a significant impact in the cultural dialogue around love, sexuality and the village.

We are raising $21,000 to fund all aspects of the production and post-production of the HEALING OF LOVE short film.


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