Healing of love

For a new relationship between the genders

healing of love
Following are excerpts of the essay “Healing of Love” by Dieter Duhm.  Here you can download the full article as PDF.
The center of our healing work is a new relationship between the sexes. It is based on trust and solidarity. For the genders to be revealed to each other, they need primal trust, which could hardly arise in the patriarchal era. We need a new way of interacting socially, new social structures and new pictures of love, so that the old despair can be overcome. We can liberate the world from war, if we are able to end the war in love. We can liberate the earth from violence, if we are able to end violence in sexuality – without suppressing our own wild nature! The passion is allowed to stay. If it is associated with trust, it does not lead to violence, but to spirited tenderness. This is arranged beautifully in the plan of creation.

For the coexistence of the sexes, some basic rules have emerged, which could be included in the ethical canon of the foundation of a new culture:

•    Love is humanities highest power for good.
•    Trust between the sexes is the basis of a future without war. Never lie to your love partner.
•    You can only be faithful if you are allowed to love others. Free love and the love of a couple are not mutually exclusive, but complementary.
•    Jealousy is not a part of love.
•    Partnership cannot be given life by people making claims on each other, but rather by mutual support.
•    Sadism and masochism are the result of humanity’s historical mistreatment of sexuality. As a matter of principle, violence is not part of sexuality and love.
•    No sex with children.
•    Sexual actions may never be conducted against the will of any partner.
•    There is no ownership in love. Relationship problems cannot be solved legally, but rather by the help of a supportive community.
•    If you have a choice between love and something else, follow love.

The healing of the love between the genders is not limited to the relationship between the sexes. It also includes a new relationship to nature, cooperation with all creatures, the healing of water and a loving relationship with animals. We need a reintegration of our human world in the overall world of life, to heal our primal pain of separation. Ultimately, it’s about reconnecting with “Omega,” the divine center of all things. To love is to encounter each other center to center, wrote Teilhard de Chardin. The aim of our work is the new earth, Terra Nova. As long as a single child is still starving, a single girl circumcised, a single woman raped, a single animal tortured or a single young man forced to war, this world is not in order. We will continue our work. Please help. Please support the project financially and in the media.

For the solidarity and love between the sexes.
For all children of the earth.
For a future without war.

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