Trust is a result of truth, mutual support and transparency 070328_Colombia_San_José_Community_MFK_P1110357

Following are excerpts of the book “Sacred Matrix – From the Matrix of Violence to the Matrix of Life” by Dieter Duhm.

The basis for a functioning human community is trust. Trust is a result of truth, mutual support, and transparency of events, especially transparency about existing power structures, decision-making structures, and sexual structures. (…) Community life in nature has arranged itself as a non-linear, open, and very complex system. By studying such systems, we find the necessary parameters for the functionality, survivability, and growth potential of human communities.

Trust as a Life Quality

Trust is deeply related to human truth, transparency, and the ability and willingness to allow oneself to be seen. If one is truly seen, this usually means that one is accepted. One strong requirement that is necessary in order to create trust is that all essential processes in the group be made transparent. There cannot be any secret fights and complicities regarding money, power, or sex.
Creating trust is not easy. The oohs and aahs with which people today fall in each others’ arms as often as possible, celebrating the flow of warmth where there is none, are not a suitable method. Many groups fall apart because of too much sweetness, with which they cover their wounds without healing them. If one has the courage to stand up against the old habits of hypocrisy and bootlicking, one will have to be very persevering. Groups need a highly developed mental-spiritual and human concept in order to be able to create true trust. If they do not have a concept and instead put their trust in the spontaneous development of their positive emotions, the old powers will ultimately win. Almost all groups in the 20th century fell apart because of their inability to deal with conflicts in the areas of sex, love, power, money, and recognition. Due to this historic fact, the issue of trust has become a basic topic for our continued existence. Trust is the primary healing power of the soul. If one is fully trusting, one does not need psychotherapy or any other special methods. The soul heals itself if it can breathe and exist in trust. (…)
For the creation of communities in the new culture, there is no higher goal than to create trust. It is an unprecedented adventure, for the qualities that we bring from existing society are not at all suited for this. We had to disguise ourselves in order to survive. We need functioning communities in order to learn to trust again so that our powers of peace become more forceful, allowing us to survive. In the structure of the future communities, we step by step access the sacred knowledge which enables us to connect with the universal powers and the higher orders of life. We thereby enter into the highest level of trust: the true, daily, trusting cooperation with the divine powers. Before that, we should clear out the paths between us.

Community as a Way of Enlightenment

Human solidarity and mutual support arise naturally, if we have been together long enough and if we have had enough time to peek behind all the masks. The ethic of the love of our neighbor no longer comes from moralistic laws such as the Ten Commandments, but from people living together organically. (…) The highest values are trust and cooperation. More than anything else, they guarantee the survival of the community. (…) Human beings will learn to be truthful in areas where they so far had to swindle – in the areas of sex and love. They will learn this to the extent that they become a part of a true community. By this I do not mean truthful in terms of confessions and moralistic truths, for life is full of play and high spirits. I mean the inner, true, existential truth, which shines through in human relationships when one no longer needs to pretend. There is maybe no greater relief than this.

Peace Work in the Community

Peace work in the community is mutual healing work and support of those involved. A community develops a growing power for peace if its members engage with each other in a healing way. Healing here means to be creative, full of humor, alive, and truthful. (…) The real path of healing consists of an increase in a mental-spiritual power, through which true trust, true unity, and truly free love can become possible. A community becomes all the more healthy and powerful to the extent that it has solved the issues of trust and love.
Love is more than an emotion. Most emotions tend to block our path toward love. By suppressing real feelings, human life became flooded with false emotions. Therefore, an emotional body stuck to our souls and our bodies, and it reacts immediately, before anything has really been observed and understood. Today, this emotional body is praised due to its spontaneous and supposedly honest qualities. What emerges from the emotional body is today called “culture”, “literature”, “music”, or “love”. In reality it contains all the hatred, disappointment, and mistrust that has accumulated in us during a very taxing historical era. The emotional body is praised in the media, and it is protected against intellectual analysis by referring to thinking as “mindfucking”. Most media of our times have united in the fight against authentic thinking and promote the emotional body in one way or another. The thicker the emotional body is, the thinner the power of thinking is. It is the task of our future schools to find a way for us and our students to dissolve the false emotional body, without losing the power of our hearts. (…)

The love that we aim for in our healing work arises through a long process of experience, mutual perception, and insight. It is often preceded by much despair followed by new hope, or by anger at a certain person, followed by gratitude toward him/her. Love is a mental-spiritual process, which lets us dismantle our emotions, our stubbornness, our anger, our vanity, our resentment, our fervent joy at the failures of others (which we all share), our arrogance, and our tendency toward hasty judgments. This is the beginning of an evolution, which is based on the slow unveiling of the secret, which we call “love”.
In functioning communities, an invisible mental-spiritual subject arises, which slowly but surely takes over from our private thoughts and decisions, and changes them. I call this subject the “communitarian I”. Those, who have begun to take on responsibility and to fully serve the community, take part in this higher level of consciousness that is referred to as the “communitarian I”. Now an inner process of insight and healing begins, which is deeper and truer than anything external therapeutic measures can bring. (…) One begins to look past one’s own plate and to honestly take an interest in the lives of others. This is an experience all of its own, and it is usually a new one.

Individual autonomy and community are not contradictions; instead they are mutually dependent and complement each other. The strived-for freedom of the individual, which is connected to the concept of autonomy, can only be realized in community. Functioning individuality is not a private enterprise, it is a community endeavor. A functioning individual is not an isolated system; instead it grows from a web of multifaceted relationships and contacts. It is only in a functioning community that one can risk putting away one’s mask and showing oneself the way one really is. This liberation from having to play one’s old role is the first prerequisite for the development of a truly autonomous human being, who determines his/her own life.

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