The Battle of the Genders, the Ego Trap and the Ending of War

GRACE: ending the inner war and giving birth to a higher self

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Following are excerpts of the book “Grace: Pilgrimage for a Future without War” by Sabine Lichtenfels.

The human question, the issue of the relationship between man and woman, the issue of the battle of the genders do not so obviously stand in the centre. But still, the battle of the genders weaves its fine net of nerves through almost all of the scenarios on Earth. Without the battle of the genders coming to an end there can be no peace. […] Is there a central cause, an error which repeats itself in the same way everywhere? Is there an inner shift that has to take place leading from damage to wholeness? Might it be correct that what we experience in the outer world is a mere image of our own psychic dramas which keep following the same patterns? Do events that are carried to extremes in areas of conflicts take place microscopically in our interior? Are the macro-cosmos world and the micro-cosmos human being not more identical than we are ever prepared to accept? On my pilgrimage through Europe, all along, I met with gender conflict. Wherever I went I came across divorces, broken partnerships in which the men and women were not able to speak the truth. […] They are all looking for the causes and the guilt on a personal level. They are all looking for the solution on a level where it cannot be found. And all believe that one of them carries the main guilt. […]

The war which we experience in the outer world is mirrored and experienced in our inner world. If we want to end the outer war we must become witnesses of our inner battles. We have to see through our own plays of war and admit to ourselves how we obviously add to it – sometimes more, sometimes less. We must indeed end the inner war. And before we can make peace with anyone we have to have made peace with ourselves. We shall end war only when we have seen and learnt something higher, something more comprehensive. What else could be more comprehensive than love? Human beings who have learnt to love, to also sensually love, are no longer governable. They have the power and the knowledge to distance themselves from war.
On the path many traps await us, mostly set up by the ego since it crouches ready to instigate new wars all the time. It is the ego that continually feels attacked and fights back. It is the ego living and thinking of attack and defence. Its power within us has been traumatised for hundreds of years and has become addicted to the suffering which it nourishes itself. The strategies of war governed by the present cultures and politics worldwide are mirrored in the microcosm of the human being, of each individual. I call it the ego-trap. At some point in the Creation it happened, the human being separated itself from the whole of Creation and with it brought forth the ego. This is a historic process which is connected to the separation of the human being from its divine source and thus has no continuity in itself. Therefore identification with the ego is always connected to fear and pain. The beginning lies principally in the fact that we no longer know our higher self and we therefore cannot truly accept ourselves. We do not have a complete image of ourselves.

A threatened “something” rages within us, something from the past, which we call “I.” It keeps itself alive from the glances of others and from the struggle to be acknowledged because it has lost its deepest ground, its shelter and protection in the divine world. You feel that you are not being seen and acknowledged and immediately you begin to fight. You do not feel as if your steps were seen and honoured and you charge others with it. Whenever something with us thinks: “Too little, not enough, more, not right, unjustly treated”, the ego is ready to pounce, hungry for prey especially if it feels threatened. It wants to have forever more and is never satisfied. It takes what it can get. After exuberant happiness, ever hungrier, it reaps misery and suffering all the more; after the amorousness follows the impulse to destroy. It takes whatever it can get, be it matter or “Geist”.  The ego disguises itself as the last warrior inside of us. It is the battle of survival and the closer you get to your primal source the more it begins to fight. The return to the source signifies death to the ego. This is the perception of an ego which has not yet recognised that it awaits transformation into a higher gestalt. Just as the caterpillar knows nothing of its metamorphosis into a butterfly, so the ego knows nothing of its birth into a higher, divine self. The militant ego for all intents and purposes has its good side, too, since lastly it is connected to the hunger for more truth and insight even for more justice. […]

However, at some point something within you begins to see more and more: you nourish things you fight against as long as you still fight. Only when you stop fighting will you truly disband old patterns. A long way, a deep way, a necessary way to inner peace! Step by step we climb higher on the ladder to divine source. […]  A jump is demanded. The jump into a new dimension is the jump to freedom which is to rid the militant ego of its last shackles. You take the step from emancipation out into the world where there are no more enemies. Your strongest enemy will become your best friend since he forces you seek self-knowledge. […]  This entire insanity has fulfilled its purpose. You see through the ego-delusion of the entire culture. It is good to see it, to recognise it but you no longer fight against it. Meanwhile it has become clear, the greatest insanity is that of identifying with the illness, to believe, that this is oneself. As long as you identify with any of these frequencies you are part of the war. Once you have understood this the ego will become a friendly comrade in a race for higher development. You no longer fight it, since all of this is not you! […] Once you no longer let yourself be scared by the ghosts roused, you will encounter on your search for the true core something very beautiful, something very pure, something very divine.

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