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Call For a Planetary Initiative


Our current society is collapsing due to inherent contradictions that can no longer be solved by conventional means. The human being is a societal being and as such is subject to the laws of society. However, in accordance with his physical and spiritual nature, he is at the same time a member of the biosphere and is therefore subject to the laws of organic life. If these two laws contradict each other disease, criminality, violence, and war arise. Today we are experiencing the global culmination of this contradiction. We experience a global pandemic of disease, violence, and war. Humankind has wrongly organized itself. It has created a form of existence that is incompatible with the laws of life. We have come to an apocalyptic limit beyond which survival is no longer possible. In order to overcome this dead end we need neither mega-cities nor trillion-dollar technologies to emigrate to Mars (although this opens up fascinating perspectives); we need intelligent concepts for a new way of inhabiting planet Earth. We do not need reform; we need a new direction for human evolution. The morphogenetic field of war, on which our current society is based, must be transformed into a morphogenetic field of peace. This is the task of global transformation.

The new way requires reintegrating human life into the basic laws of the universe and the Earth. These include ethical, social, and ‘biotopical’ laws. In all beings, the same universal power operates, the same basic information of life; all are connected to one another through this power. Any violence that we inflict upon our fellow creatures will come back to us as disease or insanity in the long run. The coming civilization is devoid of any cruelty. So long as there is one person of another faith mistreated, one woman raped, one child abandoned, or one animal tormented, our world is in disorder.

Facing the ruins of a multi-millennial history of war we recognize the necessity for a new foundation of human civilization. I believe four areas will be especially decisive for this: building functioning communities on a new basis of truth and trust; healing water; healing love between the genders; and reintegrating societal existence into the higher orders of nature and creation.

The pending paradigm shift transfers the existing system of separation into a system of unity, wherein the human organism can reconnect with the organism of the world. The new society emerges from recovered oneness; it will live in contact with all fellow creatures. All beings are aspects of the One existence and One consciousness; all are organs of the One soul of the world. This unity of all beings is the basis of the phenomenon, which modern science refers to as ‘morphogenetic field creation.’ Whenever new information is entered into the whole (Holon) of life, it is effective everywhere – in the same way more or less as a medicine that is entered into the body is effective in all its organs. If we succeed in entering information that truly generatespeace then the impulse of peace will spread in the global organism of humankind and the Earth; a new morphogenetic field arises. Yet, we are no longer only dealing with a single bit of information, but an entire informational package. All essential areas of our existence are part of it – erotic love, raising children, healing water, contact to animals, production and redistribution of material goods, et cetera. This forms all-encompassing information, the ‘morphogenetic package,’ which needs to be entered into the whole of life in order for a well-grounded humane civilization to emerge.

To fulfill this task we need new communities, so-called ‘Healing Biotopes,’ which bring this overall morphogenetic information into manifestation. Among other things, these communities are to reshape the relation between the genders in a way that the mistrust and hidden war currently inherent in most love relationships can be dissolved. This is not a matter of therapeutically clarifying private relationships, but of dissolving the collective trauma, which was imprinted in our psychological organism throughout a long history of war. Above all, it is a collective trauma in love. Healing the Earth fundamentally means healing love. There can be no peace on Earth so long as there is war in love. Only as much peace can arise in the external world as we have manifested within ourselves.

The system change we establish on the outer is connected to a system change within ourselves. The global revolution (or transformation) we are going through right now begins at the basic level – building functioning communities able to recognize and manifest this system change. The new planetary community will emerge from a network of such ‘transformational communities.’

We are aware of what an unusual task this is and how much misunderstanding needs to be overcome. Peace workers who currently do not live in community can join together and establish regional or urban centers and thereby support the global process. It is not about a new ideology, but about a realistic, scientifically-anchored concept for healing humanity and the Earth. It is a matter of generating structural peace – peace that is not only proclaimed and desired, but rooted in our hearts and bodies. We have the possibility to establish such a world, for it is inherent in the order of creation (‘Sacred Matrix’) and the essence of our own being.

The goal of a free human culture living on a free Earth can be achieved if determined people – on all levels of society – join together in a global alliance for manifesting the Healing Biotopes Plan. Whoever thinks this goal is too utopian may consider that we are living in a digital age where things are being done, which seemed impossible only thirty years ago. Humankind – capable of waging war with drones – will be able to develop a new order of coexistence as soon as the first groups focus on this task.

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