There is a test to know if you have fullfilled the your life purpose: If you are alive you haven´t yet. (Richard Bach)

Deborah_2Deborah Anapol has fullfilled the purpose of many lives. With the warmth of a big feminine heart and with the radicality of a clear mind she worked, struggled, fought, seduced, talked, wrote, thought and taught for the right of the body to feel loved and in exstasy.

As true feminist she stood up for the forgotten right of women to follow the true longing of their bodies and to choose more than one lover. Speaking clear and direct words about sex for decades, she openend the path for a whole generation of women and men also in restricted societies to live according to their inner truth.

Taj, as her friends called her, understood sex not a separate phenomenon but as being connected with every other factor in society. She was convinced that prudery and the exclusive model of the nuclear family were part a destructive society, and that reclaiming consciousness and freedom in sex would help to overcome global capitalism: When people fulfill or at least address their sexual wishes and weave webs of mutual care and support, they will not any longer spend their lives running behind the sweet carrot of consumption. They will know where to find and generate the sweetness of life itself.

She saw the friendly power of sex to generate long-lasting, caring relationships to more than one person. As a pioneer and mother of the polyamory movement she supported resilient communities based on truth and trust in love and sexuality. This brought her several times to Tamera in Portugal where she took groups of people to see and feel a community of all age groups which has created a social web and a model for a peace society based on love free of fear. She had wanted urgently to come back to our Global Love School next May, studying and exploring together with a global family the humane power of truth in love.

Now she had decided differently. From full vital life, just as we always have known her, after watching with friends a video about Ecstatic Death, she passed away in her sleep – without any desease we know of.

We are shocked how fast and unexpected she left us. May you Rest in Peace, Taj. But maybe not for long: may you live on in our actions and words for a world without fear and for truth in love.



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