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About the TERRA NOVA SUMMER taking place in Tamera from July 15 – August 15, 2015

Summer_MeetingGreetings from Tamera!

Right now, summer 2015, more than 50 people from several Terra Nova study groups are gathered here. They come from many countries (South Korea, Togo, Estonia, Brazil, United States, Uruguay, Austria, Palestine, Germany, Ethiopia, Canada, etc.) during an intense meeting month of education and exchange dedicated to weave together the on the ground initiatives and deepening of Terra Nova experiences around the world. We seek to achieve a new level of organization at the level of our groups and communities and the global network to manifest the dream of a new earth.
During the first weeks of this month, this diverse group is already beginning to form as a global community of peace, building trust and confidence, and sharing a common vision for the future. This is being made possible in such a short time thanks to be nested into the field of Tamera. We are building our bases in an atmosphere of love and trust, and receiving the fruits of the extensive experience and long history of a community that shows that this is not just theory but a wonderful path for life to enjoy the present and for make a difference in the future.
The first week, oriented to learn about peace journalism and understanding of global political and economic system is complemented by the evenings at the political cafe, where we can experience the realities and cultures of various countries, and also enjoy their rhythms and pace; touched me to know the reality of a favela in Sao Paulo with the protagonists of the transformation through music,of one of the places considered the most violent and dangerous in the world; each of the projects that where presented so far is a lot of inspiration, starting with the incredible work in rural Togo to regenerate the abundance and relationship in a large scale.
The educational content is nourished by the richness of the many colors, languages, music and peculiarities that each one of us bring from all the corners of the world; this enriches seminars, group work in large and small. We are exchanging and learning during this month about what we think is needed to build functional communities, for the healing of love, building self-sufficient systems for water, energy and food… in short, how to establish a new basis for human existence on earth and how Terra Nova can help.
Every day in the morning we make a tuning together, sometimes we join our voices in a choir and at the end of the day we spend time at the forum; this is resulting in such a loving atmosphere where group synergy field is building up, where we will continue to explore together how to continue Terra Nova in the future; in this co-creation there are many progresses, one of which is the alliance with Ubiquity University, to explore the idea in partnership of launching an online platform for Terra Nova.
I am very grateful and touched by the dedication and the work of the team of the Terra Nova School; every day is so intense and so rich! it is such a joy to meet each day and see how life is expressed through us, through the global community we are creating, full of life, love and music and dance… We are already in the middle of the month, excited about what is coming: the School of Love!
Since I’m here I can feel how many of my fears are released, how i am expanding my boundaries and limitations; I feel like I am whole, while my commitment to activism for peace increases; we all feel how our energy is recharged with this experience, and our faith and trust in our lives is renewed; and this is essential for the return to our home places, so can be the change we wish to see in the world, all over the world simultaneously, and with this happening, there is no doubt to me that global change is possible.


  1. Dear New Earth Dreamers…
    As you will quickly recognize..I pass on to you the Website address of a phenomenal organization for an international Opportunity, in Zürich, to demonstrate to Swiss Citizenry the power of peace, without genetically manipulated organisms……the 22 August March from Schwamendingerplatz to the Swiss National Research Center in Reckenholz Begins with informative speeches of International participants and Ends with a simple meal for whoever attends.

    This Event has developed spontaneously in the last 7 weeks…we had intended to host “merely” a Seminar day…and then unexpectedly were denied the space…so we changed our plans…and have taken to peaceful streets….because like you, we also believe in a world at peace…that confllict can be a contributor to peace…if we only channel the energy constructively. So, pray then for us, that all the People that choose to join us in Zürich on 22 August from 11:00-18:00 will channel their personal Energie into a peace Demonstration of Commitment to Human Cooperation without genetic Manipulation.

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