Some impressions from our event at The New School University in New York City last night…NYC_book_launch
– the launch of “Terra Nova. Global Revolution and the Healing of Love”, the latest book by Dieter Duhm. An inspired and inspiring evening with around 100 guests at Wollman Hall, diving into the prospects of a new global culture based on cooperation and trust.

The evening was introduced by Kristin Reynolds, Environmental Studies professor at The New School, who welcomed the initiative of Terra Nova as important, facing the current environmental and social crises; saying that The New School is always interested in hosting such projects.

Throughout the night, three young Terra Nova activists – Dara Silverman, Naila von Mendelssohn and Martin Winiecki – presented the book, reading some of their favorite passages and speaking about their own personal experiences living in Tamera Healing Biotope I – Portugal in an interview panel hosted by the New York based author Daniel Pinchbeck.

In his speech about the global peace plan underlying the Terra Nova project, Martin Winiecki brought peoples’ attention to the possibility of a completely new form of inhabiting this planet, “Can we imagine a future in which our society will be compatible with the natural systems of the biosphere, the universe and life itself? Can we imagine an existence based trust? This is the vision of Terra Nova.”

Thank you to all who shared this evening with us and are interested in becoming engaged in an arising Terra Nova network. This is only the beginning!

We will still upload more photos and perhaps even video material. If you couldn’t make it to the event last night, make sure you get your copy of the book: //terranova.tamera.org/

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