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Call for a Planetary Initiative


In the spirit of compassion and solidarity, we reach out to embrace all beings with whom we share our home, planet Earth. We reach out to honor and restore every beings’ fundamental right to exist. All life is sacred. Peace is much more than the absence of war; peace is the natural state of existence reflecting our interdependence with all people, all animals, all plants, ecosystems and the Earth as a whole. So long as there is one person of another faith or color mistreated, one woman raped, one child abandoned or one animal tormented then our world is in disorder.

We find ourselves at a dangerous crossroads. The major systems governing our lives are running towards collective disaster. Behind the material consumption of our societies, behind the menus of our restaurants, the doctors’ prescriptions, and the stock exchange figures, stands the unfathomable anguish of billions of beings. Nobody could bear the horror of the cruelties happening in this moment if they faced them directly. In the name of our children, in the name of humanity, we call out: Enough! End this insanity! We are not here to kill each other and destroy our home; we are here to thrive and to assure a future worth living for ourselves and those who come after us. Everywhere on Earth, we are facing the same global clash between the powers of renewal and the system of war. Environmental destruction and social injustice, individual despair and global collapse are all aspects of the same fundamental problem: a civilization that blatantly contradicts the laws of life. Let us establish a new pattern for human existence on Earth.

A new Earth is not only a subjective wish, but an actual possibility anchored in the structures of reality. The upcoming revolution consists of a system change from the world of separation and fear to a world reunified by cooperation and trust. There is the world that we create and there is the world that has created us. These two worlds must come together; therein lies the basis of the new planetary culture. This paradigm shift applies to all areas of our existence.

Peace with the Earth. The new global culture develops from cooperation with nature. The old mega-systems will thus be replaced by decentralized, small-scale, largely self-sufficient and regenerative systems. Water, energy and food will be freely available for all, to the degree that the man-made systems become compatible with the principles of nature. Tapping into the abundance of inexhaustible energy sources, we can once and for all end all resource wars, eliminate carbon emissions, restore the natural world and abolish the misery we have created. There can be no fur farms, no slaughter houses and no animals tests in a humane world. Animals are our natural cooperation partners and friends.

Peace within. Peace can arise in the external world only as much as we have manifested it within ourselves. Peace is the power of life free from fear, connected to human solidarity. We experience it as the inner congruence of our actions, words and thoughts with our higher conscience and knowing. To achieve this state of spiritual autonomy, we need new forms of human coexistence driven by collaboration instead of competition; communitarian ways of life that allow us to open our hearts again and coexist in compassion and trust. Peace is the experience of sustainable trust.

Peace in Love. Love is at the center of human longing; it is the greatest power for transforming our world. However, love itself has been broken under the conditions of a world marked by dishonesty and fear. All over the world, lovers are burdened by the historic trauma of patriarchal war society, turning the initial bliss of union into an endless, miserable struggle. After millennia of fighting and separation between men and women, reconciling the masculine with the feminine requires our deepest healing work. Healing the Earth essentially means healing love. This is not a private issue, but the collective task of humanity’s new communities.

Peace among people. There is only ONE humankind. There is something which is identical in all people, no matter which culture, nationality or religion they belong to: our common humanity. Based on this insight, we will abandon all hostilities. Even the most brutal perpetrators were once children as we were, have longed for acceptance and home as we did and have often experienced a kind of pain that they could not deal with otherwise. Accusations and judgements are of no use, because they only perpetuate the downward spiral of violence. Now, we break the vicious cycle of war; we no longer answer to the injuries and pains we have suffered with hatred and revenge. We transform pain into determination for life. We do not tolerate any violence.

What we need are new models where the vision of peace will be concretely manifested; this is the prerequisite for the emergence of the nonviolent and sustainable world we desire. The knowledge exists to make it happen; the first projects are already underway. The current power global struggle will not be decided by political or military conflicts, but by creating a functioning alternative. Once the first models have gained sufficient complexity and strength, they will make the existing system obsolete. The stronger our collaboration becomes, the faster transformation can occur.

Our gratitude reaches out to all those working for a humane world. To all those standing up against global injustice. To all those who have dared a great deal until they were broken. To all those who have placed the justice of Life above the written law. To the mothers and all women around the world who have persevered in spite of hunger, exile, and torture – our deepest respect and thanks. The movement continues – for our children, for life, for love, and for the liberation of all beings. For a new Earth.


These ideas are further elaborated in the new book by Dieter Duhm, Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love – //terranova.tamera.org


  1. I would like to invite Tamera founders or whoever can accept this invitation to be part of this initiative called LAND – Living Alliance for Natural Development that is an alliance among individuals, groups, communities and organization either governmental or not, as the United Nations or the Alliance for Progress, though absolutely commited with supporting life, the biosphere and the natural devlopment as the pattern which can be observed on nature as it evolves, or as Gregory Bateson would put, the Great Stochastic Process. It is included on this pattern self-organizing processes that keep galaxies on their shape and movements. Considering that the loving cosmic counciousness that creates and keeps everything and that it is present on Eath as it is on other planets, stars and galaxies, this organism is, in this sense, interplanetary, interstelar and intergalactic, that is to say, extraterrestrial. I will go to Tamera for the saturday experience and I would like to have someone feedback about if my invitation is accepted. I will pass by Tamer on 9th of october on my way to Ecocity World Summit Abu Dhabi 2015. Everland community is part of this alliance and I will also invite the founders of Masdar and other founders or leaders of regenerative and peace initiatives.

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