Hildur Jackson, founder and supporter of the Global Ecovillage Network passed away

With sadness the community of Tamera has heard of Hildur Jackson´s passing. We send all her family and friends greetings of solidarity and friendship.
Hildur has been a guiding force for the development of living and learning centers based on truth and trust. With all her strong will-power she was an incredibly committed source for true change on the planet. She was a person empowered by a deep view into the female wisdom, and her heartful radicality was fed by compassion for all beings and joy of life.
She had an amazing global and consequent way of thinking and an instinct for the core things that need to be changed in order to make a global change. She saw that in order to make a change today is not only about repairing the system here and there but it is about a deep system change. This point of view has connected us deeply. She saw the deep meaning of building community, and invested all her power and energy in supporting communities to form. She had a notion of how deep and radical the personal shift of everybody has to be in order to have communities again after all these millenia of separation and competition, and to make them sustainable in every meaning of the word.
Again and again she named the relevance of empowering women. She knew about feminine peace wisdom and how relevant it is to change the world, to end wars and the era of patriarchy. Living in a longtime partnership and as a mother of sons, she supported women and feminine thinking including their love towards men. Together we know that the world will not change, unless we women take a public stand.
Without Hildur we would not have the global community of communities that GEN is about to become: a powerful network with a growing impact on world leaders and local leaders, a promise for many countries and people in crisis.
As community of Tamera we always felt supported and accompanied by her. She never came in person to Tamera, because – like she said with her beautiful love for truth -, “the topic of free love was too hot for me”. But we are very happy that Hildur and Tamera´s co-founder Sabine Lichtenfels finally met in Findhorn for the GEN summit.

Hildur, we will miss you.
We know that death is not the end of life and we will always keep an eye for your beautiful presence. May our souls meet again, independent in which dimension.


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