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Or: What is a Peace Worker? Summary of a morning attunement in Tamera

Identities_4The aim of our Earthly experience is the realisation of love.
There are two kinds of inner identities, two possibilities of how one might know oneself as a human being on Earth.

Which if these are we living with? What does it say on our higher ID card?

The first possibility is that we creat an image of love for ourselves and realise that our lives do not correspond to this picture, that it is unfulfilled. And so we suffer. Therefore, the first possible identity is as a dissatisfied person. One who suffers and who longs for help.
In this case the human being identifies with dissatisfaction in love.

The second possibility is very much related to the first, but completely different. It is the identity of a peace worker. From this position I know that I am living in an unsatisfied world, and I also know more and more about how we can come to fulfilment together. As a peace worker my identity stems from the fact that I contribute to the emergence of humane conditions on this planet. Conditions under which my personal longing in love and that of everybody else can be fulfilled.

Peace workers are people who take a political perspective on the world. Political means that they understand that fulfilment in love necessitates certain societal, ecological and general political conditions. Peace workers know that love is the aim and that we need to have a planetary perspective in order to reach this goal. People who want only love, but are not peace workers, believe that they have to get their fulfilment in love right here and now.

The identity of the peace worker must be refreshed within humanity.

Those who know the goal of love, the longing for it and remain faithful to it know what is to be done for its fulfilment. My longing for love can never be fulfilled when war is raging around me, as it is in our times.

My own longing in love is a revolutionary power in my cells.
I no longer seek to be comforted. I don’t need comfort. I don’t need healing in the sense that already tomorrow my personal needs will be fulfilled.
I mean if God came to me and would say: Hey, I give you everything, really and you can trust that you will still have it after tomorrow and for the rest of your life. – I wouldn’t say no, I’d find that wonderful.

But right now I don’t believe that any God or Goddess is able to do something like that. That which they do is always a mirror of that which we ourselves do. And we ourselves are in the process of preparing the conditions so that love becomes possible. I refer primarily to love between man and woman but then also to love between humans and animals, between the peoples, between humans and nature, human beings and Creation, human beings and God.

If I chose the first possibility, then I am acting within an identity that depends on whether my personal needs are actually fulfilled or not. If they are fulfilled then I’m doing well; if they’re not fulfilled I’m doing badly. With this identity I can no longer get by in the world in the way it is today. We need a new identity. We need a new identity! However arrogant it may sound, we need a change of identity. This is the process of transformation.

A peace worker is always unsatisfied but this is a fact that doesn’t bother him/her at all; s/he doesn’t even talk about it. This is what a peace worker has in common with the whole of humanity. What distinguishes him/her is the knowing of the reasons for this dissatisfaction; that s/he no longer feels ashamed of his/her personal lack of fulfilment and that within this dissatisfaction s/he found an anchor point that always stabilizes him/her so that that the question of whether I am satisfied at the moment or not, runs off my skin like a rain drop.

One can practice identifying oneself as a peace worker. The communities of the future must create free spaces, ‘time outs’, where the people practise these kinds of things. They should give themselves weeks of time to practise so that one might no longer worry about one’s personal needs. I don’t suggest that one should ignore them or lie about them! But that we reach a state of knowing that one’s needs are everyone’s needs and that the difficulties from which I am currently suffering are the difficulties of all. Know that everybody has received his/her slice from this big “cake of difficulties”. His/her piece of cake of difficulties.

Know that one might solve it for all.

This is different from what the esoteric or religious movements want to make us believe. It’s a change in frequency, in orientation. It is not simply a turn of direction towards God – He will help us then. But it’s a change of perception towards the insight that I am a part of the whole and that from now on I decide to serve this Whole. And in this service lies my fulfilment.
The world welcomes this decision.

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