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Chapter of : “Terra Nova. Global Revolution and the Healing of Love

Nature produces in abundance that which humanity needs – oxygen, water, and nutrition. All people and animals of the Earth could be fed if the mechanisms of our global economy would orient in relation to the law of nature and not the law of capital. Nature’s original matrix only waits to be understood and awakened anew by humankind.
The Earth is being destroyed by the political and economic apparatus of global capitalism, and through the struggles over water, food, and energy in particular. Entire regions are being devastated and robbed of their natural resources for the production of energy, foodstuffs, and other consumer goods. When we look into the fate of the innumerable beings that fall victim to the machinery of globalization we recognize the absolute necessity of new concepts for autonomy that enable the world’s population to meet their material needs independent of cartels and other power syndicates. Decentralized autonomy, providing the greatest possible self- sufficiency, is a prerequisite for the development of a nonviolent civilization. An energy strategy that requires storage reservoirs cannot exist in accordance with the higher laws of creation. What happens to the people living in the places in which multinational corporations plan to mine resources? What happens to the animals and the whole subtle fabric of nature fulfilling its tasks within the great organism of life? Can we look into the millions of caves, niches, nests, and micro- biotopes where animals had their homes, which are now mercilessly being flooded, centimeter-by-centimeter? This is symbolic of the unstoppable machine of extermination tearing over the globe today. What happened to the wildlife in Portugal when the Alqueva Dam was built? What is now happening in Brazil as a consequence of the Belo Monte hydropower project, where more than forty thousand native people are being driven out of their homes? What does this do to the spirit of nature and to the collective human psyche? It is intolerable how profit-driven projects such as these are pushed through by bribery, intrigue, and intentional misinformation.
We need neither storage reservoirs, nuclear power plants, nor other megaprojects to secure the supply of energy and food, for nature provides abundantly. Once the technologies developed by people such as Viktor Schauberger, Sepp Holzer, Masanobu Fukuoka, Nikola Tesla, and Juergen Kleinwaechter become widespread, there will no longer be scarcity. Agricultural projects in China and Africa have shown how quickly nature is able to regenerate as soon as it is no longer hindered by flawed management strategies. The work of John D. Liu, the filmmaker who documents the restoration of large-scale degraded eco- systems, offers an insight into the possibilities of greening deserts. Given financial support, the techniques he features could be applied worldwide. He has shown how a huge deserted area in China – the Loess Plateau – was regenerated with only simple technology.1 He shows similar examples of nature restoration in Ethiopia, Rwanda, and other countries. Such models illustrate humanity’s potential when it is no longer blocked by corporations and their political advocates.
Rajendra Singh, also known as “Water Gandhi,” has greened more than 8,600 square kilometers of desert in Rajasthan, India over the course of twenty-five years, using traditional “johads” (check dams). Using simple techniques, village communities have built a retention landscape that is replenishing the aquifers. Today tens of thousands of people are able to sustain themselves from this land and are no longer forced to migrate to cities. Five rivers have been restored and now flow throughout the year and the rain has returned. To protect nature from exploitation in the future and to keep the water in the hands of the people they have founded a “river parliament.”
There are a significant number of similarly effective projects worldwide, but many operate in relative isolation. They need an international alliance to enable the growth of a global field for a new Earth. Healing nature, regional self-sufficiency, and international collaboration are basic conditions for ending world hunger. Each new center within the alliance should run an office for international exchange and communication.
Around the world many further developments in decentralizing water and energy supplies are underway. Many of them do not make it to production because they do not comply with contemporary policies and are therefore not funded. This is the case for research into “free energy” and the work of the engineer and inventor Juergen Kleinwaechter on new ways of utilizing solar energy and the creation of energy-autonomous communities. “Solar Village” is the name he gives the system that is to be installed in Tamera.
No child will starve once a free humanity begins using the tools already available to us. Food grows everywhere people sow seeds. All peoples of the Earth must quickly and unconditionally have their right to self-sufficiency restored to them. It is clear that the aforementioned new autonomous centers will conflict with the interests of the “other side.” The “New World Order” instigated by the forces of global capitalism cannot tolerate regional self-sufficiency. But this “other side” consists only of human beings and the system they are serving is unlikely to endure much longer. We hope for opportunities to collaborate. The power struggle between the forces of life and the forces of profit must, as far as is possible, be transformed into a new model of cooperation. It has to become possible, for the old types of revolutionary struggle are no longer valid. There will be no “last holy battle.” The peace movement should develop an intelligent concept for collaboration with those parts of the capitalist empire that have recognized its economic and humanitarian insanity. We should not be too fast to deride these thoughts as naïve. They are not naïve, for even now respected representatives of the current system are coming to Tamera to explore the potential for collaboration. They see that their methods in, for example water management, will not work for much longer. Once the gate for the universal concept of life is opened, our possibilities are unlimited.


  1. Nature produces in abundance that which humanity needs – oxygen, water, and nutrition.

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