If we don’t have peace, it’s because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

Dianne_Brause_Fillimon_cropAnother flash back to my life, my mother was carrying my little brother on her back, while holding me and my sister very tight. We were running scared for our lives; my father was the only missing figure on the family. Why? Because, he was fighting in the army for the falling government in Ethiopia. It was the darkest most terrible moment of our life, we were doomed! Death was chasing us close behind; I remember it so clearly as if it happened just yesterday, everybody was crying, every man running for himself, gun fires shooting and explosions heard from every corner , people screaming and dead bodies were everywhere. I think right now you have the perfect picture and you can simply imagine how horrifying it could be. People were killed for reasons that were very small and senseless. We didn’t even know where we were going; we were just following the crowd.
I am certain that this could give you, the perfect image of the scenario. The scene you so often see on news, an African woman carrying a baby on her back, holding other kids on her hands, migrating with the crowd. I feel the pain so real and deeply because that little child I mentioned earlier was me. I am one of the few kids that survived that shocking time and lived to tell the story.
I count myself truly blessed to have made it so far as to be able to stand in front of you today!!! I praise God For I never thought I would make it out of that awful situation alive. All the negative virtues I encountered Sickness, hunger, helplessness, war so much hardship was over once and for all.
We used to be hungry, donators were gracious enough to give us food, yet we couldn’t eat it! I guess eating is a pleasure only when you have peace inside. But unfortunately peace was so far away from us. We needed a shelter too badly, they provided us a shelter but, we never felt safe! Because, peace was not there! Now, as I grew up and notice that, there is just this time that whatever you could have, it can’t fill the gap that peace will do. Nothing but peace!!!
I know for some of you this story is one of the routine types, the usual, the annoying News that you watch on TV on a daily basis. But, for me and many others, it was not mere news, it was of course a daily life for us, the only reality we knew! And surely it affected our future in a very negative way; it left a big ugly memory stamped in the eyes of our minds! It not only ruined our future but the future of the world as well. As I said earlier I am one of the luckiest child that survived, there were a lot of kids that couldn’t just make it and I know if they were here today they may tell the story better or they might even contribute something incredible for the planet earth, You can simply imagine how many innocent lives full of potential and amazing talent a single war can cost!
If you delude yourselves and think this won’t happen to your country, you should really think again! It’s really time to take an action and not delay. Ignorance has done us enough harm so far. Little mistakes, little lies, little mishaps we carelessly let go accumulate along the way and before we know it, it endangers and takes many lives. We can’t afford to sit and do nothing, while innocent children, mothers, elderly people including women are suffering. If an innocent blood continues to be spilled out in the open; your child or mine might be the next to get killed.
We are the majority and yet we are the victim, so we must unite with the common goal in mind. It is my hope that we can make a huge difference, because we are not safe unless our neighbors are!
I strongly believe we can influence our leaders to change! I said it’s never late to save an innocent child’s life, it’s never late to stop a war and it’s never late to create a whole new peaceful world!!! It’s time to let our leaders know that we are sick and tired of going to a battle with our own brothers for a piece of land. That we have had enough of wrong decisions our leader’s made that costs us lots of life and internal peace. And the fact that we can no longer tolerate leaders that give less respect and priority for humankind. We all need honest leaders that lead us to peace, love, kindness, brotherhood, charity, wisdom, and unity.
What is the value of prosperity if there is no peace in it? Our leaders seem busy striving to achieve empirical goals that they set. Is peace part of their goal? That I doubt!!! What is the value of wisdom if there is no peace in it? What are we learning? What is the media telling us every day? War, draught, rebellion… I am not saying let’s ignore the fact but is this really what’s happening in our planet? The information the media presents is defiled and blown out of proportion. It seems as though the care more about making money than the well beingness of the society. Most new channels are nothing but an institution to preach all the bad News.
What is the value of power without peace in it? What do the powerful nations have? They have ‘weapons’ that can demolish us all! That is threatening for mother earth; and yet, every country wants to be powerful and equipped with the same amount of weapon, which also is another treat. Greed for power is stealing our peace away! And we the poor countries just bend over for the powerful. We live with fear. The bad news is, we all sold our peace for prosperity, we trade our peace for fake wisdom, we exchange or peace for power, we fight for a pieces of land; we fight for shameful glory. At the end of the day when we all wake up from our dreams, WE FAUGHT FOR NOTHING! And we all loose!!! Because, the problem is viral and it can touch and affect each and every one of us.
What happened to the golden rule ‘‘we should treat others as we ourselves wish to be treated.” An ethic variously repeated in all great religions, lends force to this latter observation in two particular respects: it sums up the moral attitude, the peace-inducing aspect extending through these religious irrespective of their place or time of region: it’s also signifies an aspect of unity which is their essential virtue, a virtue man kind in its disjointed view of history has failed to appreciate,
Some of the wars that we have seen or heard are really ridiculous; they are not really enough reasons to be a cause for thousands of people’s death! So whenever I think of those dreadful moments of humanity this question keeps coming to my mind, ‘what are we fighting for?’ Is it really about freedom? Is it really about a border? Is it really about terrorism? Or is it about politics, economics… I just don’t think so!
I think mother Teresa put it in a right way!
“If we don’t have peace, it’s because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
(Mother Teresa)
Whenever I read this proverb, it just gives me the right reasons why all the wars, aggravation, hate rage, conflicts…happen? We are too busy categorizing ourselves in to nationalities, borders, ethnics, tribes…so that we lose the big picture that we are one family under God.
Let otherness and egocentricity be over, and let’s just remember that we belong to each other! One God, one world and one people.
I don’t really think this generation has a difficulty of knowing or luck of information, We know a lot but the problem is we are not living what we know. We all know the value of peace but we are not taking measures, I myself didn’t mention a thing that you never heard, never see and never knew before, it’s the same reality that keep on coming over and over again.
So this is another reminder that we are brothers and sisters, daughters and sons of the same almighty God!!!
You never know your little effort, your little act; your little heart may liberate an innocent human life.

May peace prevail on earth!!!
Filimon Tesfasilassie. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. August 10, 2012

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