What is Peace?

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Chapter of the new book by Dieter Duhm: “Terra Nova. Global Revolution and the Healing of Love.”

TNVoice_900x502-no_bookWar is a profound disease of Homo sapiens – a real mental illness. When things that are designated for killing people are institutionally produced, we can see that society is suffering from an inconceivable illness of its consciousness. It has lost its moral competence. Where it is said that it has always been this way, we respond with the question, “Is it wrong to correct a mistake only because it has ‘always’ been this way?” War definitely does not belong into the image of the future world. We live however in a morphogenetic field of war. The power that lies in weaponry is tremendous. Many young men are fascinated by it. The peace society needs to develop a mighty alternative in order to counter the insanity of weaponry. What is this alternative? It is a new movement that spreads a powerful morphogenetic field for taking an unconditional stand for all of life on Earth. A UN for life – but with more efficient means.
Peace is the power of life free from fear, connected to human solidarity. Peace is more than the opposite of war; peace is a life quality that, over the past few thousand years, could not be manifested in a lasting way because the inner conditions were lacking. People fought for peace and at the same time carried conflict in their hearts that has been carved into their souls through their harsh history. Sabine Lichtenfels writes,
“Human beings have been praying for peace for millennia
and they have fought for peace,
but in their inner consciousness
they have forgotten what peace is.
They no longer know its inner laws.

Human beings lack an encompassing inner vision of peace.
A vision is an objective reality that can be seen and felt from within.
It is inherent as a possibility in evolution
and is waiting to be seen and accessed by human beings again”

(Lichtenfels, “Sources of Love and Peace,” 86)

This means that the peace vision needs to be recalled from the cosmic database. It already exists in the universe. It is our honorable task to cooperate with the universe and manifest this vision. It lies as an entelechy in the plan of creation and in the genetic information at the core of our cells. We physically feel whether a vision is right or wrong. If we act in accordance with true peace, a healing power instantaneously arises in our organism. Peace Pilgrim, who walked with an unshakable commitment for peace said, “There is a criterion by which you can judge whether the thoughts you are thinking and the things you are doing are right for you. That criterion is: have they brought you inner peace? If they have not, there is something wrong with them – so keep trying” (Peace Pilgrim, “Steps Toward Inner Peace,” 34).

This sentence can be read easily so long as one does not take it seriously. It probably contains the deepest answer to the question of how we ourselves can generate peace – by acting in a way that it arises within us! If we only try to follow this advice for one day we will soon recognize that we are constantly making mistakes. This is an existential discovery that can change one’s life. We ourselves generate turbulence through the thoughts we are thinking, through the inconsiderate words we are speaking, and through our unrestrained reactions in inconvenient situations. However we are normally not awake enough to recognize this turbulence. We do not live in a state of witnessing ourselves. But we need to do exactly this: bearing witness to ourselves in order to understand the dimension of Peace Pilgrim’s words. What is peace? Peace is the life of human beings that have entered into this witnessing state among one another. They will no longer hate anyone. Peace is the unconditional, mutual acceptance of human beings that trust one another because they have perceived one another.

In this context, we gain a new understanding of the statement that we can only generate as much peace on the outside as we have reached within ourselves. Of course there are economic and political factors in the outer world that are beyond our reach and which therefore continue to generate collective discord. Global peace cannot be established so long as the economic and political conditions, which constantly produce war, persist. This of course is true. However, in order to be able to effectively counter the external discord, we definitely need the inner power of peace, which Peace Pilgrim pointed out. Only equipped with this power will we be able to, step-by-step, pierce into the outer structures and change the entire system. The way is from inside out.

Whether we are able and ready to flip our inner switch toward peace is of crucial therapeutic and social significance. The power of our vision depends on the extent to which peace has already manifested within us. We can only believe in outer peace if we have established a firm peace power within. One must be very strong in order to act in ways which generate internal peace within conflict situations. This requires complete mastery over our affect. In order to fulfill Peace Pilgrim’s criterion we need to shift our assemblage point. It is the change from ego-centeredness toward service for a higher purpose. If I only work for myself, I permit myself small inner imprecisions. If I work for a greater purpose, the professional develops within me; I become focused and precise, for the purpose demands it. This psychological system change protects us from the attacks of our own emotional body. Aside from this, it is recommendable to prevent avoidable mistakes and to follow the guidelines of truth, for inner unrest is often connected to untruth and to the fear of being seen through. Only a psychological disposition free of bad conscience enables us to be liberated from the latent fear of being discovered and judged. One who is free of bad conscience does not fear external judgment. Often it is the very simple correlations on the smallest scale that determine the large-scale situation.

Lasting peace can only arise in a community of people that have completely overcome the old concept of attack and defense because they are no longer anchored in their ego, but on a higher level of order. This change is core to the current transformation. If a group succeeds in coherently building a morphogenetic field of peace then a strong psychological power grows, for true peace is connected with the powers of the Sacred Matrix. From such a connection, we can send healing powers to threatened projects in the crisis areas of our planet. When peace projects are connected to the Sacred Matrix, peace workers are under great protection; they can no longer be psychologically hurt.

We recently experienced how a new war was created in Israel-Palestine. What happened there was like a last unconscious rise of the old field of war. It was the spirit of revenge that incontestably dominated the field there. It was the archetype of the devil, which heated up the same psychological structures of hatred and extermination on both sides – no matter whether in the Israeli Knesset or with Hamas. Sometimes these structures operated all the way to the (secretly desired) genocide. Israel had the advantage because it possesses an absolute military superiority. Bombing Gaza was an act of human cruelty that could only cause tears of pain and despair in all open hearts. The same situation of violence spiraling out of control is what we see in Syria and in the “Islamic State” movement. They do everything to whip the emotional body; they are extremists that carry their will for evil, for destruction, and for revenge to the very end.

What can we do? What can the new peace groups do? It is difficult to give a sensible answer. As a first reaction on behalf of peace, people simply call out to each other to no longer participate, to no longer abide by war service, to no longer follow the slogans of the parties, but to use their communication systems to wake up as many people as possible from the war hypnosis. This first step requires courage and determination. It is easier to take it when the next step can already be seen – building new centers on behalf of Terra Nova. The groups that come together in the Middle East should know that they are not alone if they decide for a path of radical peace work. They are part of the newly developing planetary community. They should get in touch with Tamera and the other Terra Nova School groups. There is still a special remark from Sabine Lichtenfels, particularly for groups in the Middle East. She says,

“Do not forget that the spirits of nature have already long been waiting to be perceived. There are helping powers that are still barely used. Help to build the global peace syndicate with all beings, both visible and invisible. The morphogenetic field of peace does not only encompass part of the populations that inhabit the Earth, but all of them.”


The book will be published on Nov. 9th 2014 in German. The English edition follows in fall 2015!

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