These are the Creative Powers in the Great Atelier

whose unknown procedures gave rise to me,
which gave birth and body to me,
which filled me with love, desire and intelligence,
which is making me think,
affording me new insights and improvements,
which throws me, full of conflict,
into this laboratory of dead-ends and difficulties,
which makes me homesick and yet hungry for what may come,
which brings life to my cells and sight to my eyes,
which is the force of a greater knowledge rumbling in my mind,
the force of a different existence rumbling in my body,
and the sense of home rumbling in my soul,

which created this circle around me
and this chance for trust,
which enables me to stay the distance,
to take part in new thoughts,
and to maintain a quiet irony
when faced with my old fears,
which made me more beautiful where I thought I was suffering

Which led me to the one I am now
Despite my doubts and my pains,
which heals a dog’s broken leg
and drives all creatures to live
through the utmost danger,
which helps the crestfallen young fir tree
stand upright again,
which keeps the decapitated dandelion
alive and growing,
which gave the Auschwitz mothers milk for their children,
and health to the sick who came to Jesus,
which has embryos grow in the womb,
and summer follow winter,
which casually surrounds us with sacred brilliance
and the power of love,
despite all the bitterness,
which gives children their holy ‘Never!’
and adults their ‘Nevertheless’,
which gave the ancient people their health before ‘Dr.’ was around,

which we love because it’s true
and working as a healing force
in all our cells,
in every moment.



One thought on “SELF HEALING

  1. One of the most revolutionary meditation texts I know.
    And an interesting photo, the tree that lifts the thick concrete floor – power of life in the middle of the Alentejo.

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