Five weeks into our tour in the United States – two weeks in the vibrancy of New York City…


Photo: Corey Mason (left) from worldOneradio and Dara Silverman (right) in El Cerrito!

 Five weeks into our tour in the United States – two weeks in the vibrancy of New York City, many different impressions in southern California, traveling up the coast with an adventurous spirit, and now getting acquainted with the rich culture of the Bay – and it has been a wealth of experiences, guidance, deepening, and opening.

One highlight was the launch of the book Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love at The New School University in New York. Throughout the night, three of us – Dara Silverman, Naila von Mendelssohn and Martin Winiecki – presented the book, reading some of our favorite passages and speaking about our personal experiences living in the project in an interview panel hosted by the New York-based author Daniel Pinchbeck.

A certain depth was activated in the space, though the thought realms accessed and questions raised and the talks in the reception after the event also moved on a profound level.

The resonance for the Terra Nova book has so far not been very widespread, but handfuls of highly respected people are giving positive feedback on profound levels. Andrew Harvey, author and founder of the Institute for Sacred Activism, said, “This magnificent visionary book proposes real practical solutions for building a new world. Read it and inspire yourself. Change the world!”

Part of the tour has been about connecting with people on the front lines of the movement for a peaceful and just society. For example we met with congressman Dennis Kucinich, who has been fighting against war for years, and he said how crucial the work of Tamera is, how important it is to develop peace models facing a society that has been strongly deceived by the military industrial complex.

Arriving in California the starkness of the water crisis and how similar it is to the one we know well in southern Portugal was moving. We were grateful to be in the company of India’s “Water Man,” Rajendra Singh. Winner of this year’s Stockholm Water Prize, Singh restored 8700 square kilometers of desert in Rajasthan to lush land; using very simple water retention techniques, he has restarted 5 major rivers that had previously run dry.

Water is to nature what love is to the human being,” writes Dieter Duhm, and these correlations have been revealed over and in Tamera’s work. Rajendra Singh and Tamera co-founder Sabine Lichtenfels walked and worked together on the “Walking Water” pilgrimage and throughout their time in the LA area, bridging the necessities of healing water and healing love as keys for a healed Earth. They are at present setting the foundations for Singh’s visions of a “World Water Walk for Peace.” See a recent interview from him here: s//

Carrying this inspiration, the co-carriers of Tamera’s Global Love School, Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn, accompanied by a much larger team from Tamera will host a Love School this weekend. A rarity for the Bay Area this Love School was sold out a month in advance and we’ve opened for a second one to accommodate the waiting list of seekers for new ways in love, sexuality, partnership, community and understanding why these intimate areas are essential to peace on this planet.

We are very grateful for all the interest and support, all of the events we’ve held and the wonderful people that have hosted us. And we are looking forward to the next, very full phase of this journey – the two Love Schools, many evening events, a weekend dedicated to Tamera’s Grace Foundation…

If you are in northern California or in the Portland area, please join us for our upcoming events.

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