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Why a few groups can change the world… 

Translated from the German by Douglas Baillie and Anna Bandini


1. The Planetary Theory
The analogy of the trumpet. How the whole, with all of its parts changes when new information is introduced.
The analogy of the body.
The analogy of the magnetic field.
2. What is the information?
3. How is the information created? Who creates it?
4. The meaning of the healing biotopes in the overall planetary renewal.
5. Principles of life in the healing biotopes.
6. Global core groups, Global Campus and planetary community.


1. The Planetary Theory
The concept of global healing biotopes is based on the “Political Theory”. We also call it “Planetary Theory”. It is the theory of global healing. This theory explains why a few groups are able to change the world in a positive way, and to bring about planetary healing. In the term “theory”, a scientific system is connected with a “view of God” (theos). Theory in this sense is not only a frame of abstract sentences, but a geistig view which changes the body. Real insights trigger an energy movement which takes hold of and changes the body. The insights summarised in the planetary theory do not only serve global, but also individual healing. This is true for all those who have decided to understand the planetary theory and to base their lives on it. To enter the planetary theory is to enter a new form of life and a new understanding of global peacework. New paths for self-realisation, love and profession are opened. Our seemingly private problems such as a miserable love-life, jealousy, fear, anger and so on are no longer private problems, but instead aspects of a traumatised humankind. Accepting this view leads to a liberation from the “private” burden which one so far tried to hide from the others. By leaving privacy we change our inner position. We are no longer identified with the suffering, but we recognise it in order to heal it individually and globally. There is no disease which cannot be healed, as the sacred matrix is directed towards the healing of all things. The light which we have found in the centre of the world shines in the inner of us all. The more we as humans succeed in rediscovering the connection to this light, the more we find the essential something that connects us with all beings, as it is in all the same. Here we find the communication between all beings; here we find the carrier frequency for the information of global healing.

A few people could be sufficient to change the Earth if they are able to introduce the appropriate information into the body of the human being and of the Earth. (We do not stand alone with this statement. For further information: David Bohm, Chaos Theory, iterative processes, morphogenetic field building). This statement is based on the following assumptions.

1. Humankind is one whole organism: a “holon”.
2. All elements of the organism are connected with each other through their communication on a fundamental level. (Subtle-energetic information transmission, DNA frequency and other frequencies)
3. When new information is introduced into an organism, it has an effect on all of its parts.

All three assumptions are accepted by the more enlightened amongst present scientists. They suffice absolutely to explain the first statement. Some examples now follow.

The Analogy of the Trumpet
If new information is introduced into an organism, it has an effect on all of its parts. The information can lead to a complete change of the whole organism. The reason lies in the functional logic of holistic systems. An example from contemporary computer research: scientists at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA, show on a monitor how the world changes into a trumpet. In this case the world is a cube of one million tiny (simulated) robots. The cube is visible on the monitor. If one now executes the command “trumpet”, the million parts move until the cube has actually become a trumpet. By introducing new information (trumpet), the whole system changes without any violence or destruction. – What is happening here? The longer we look at it with an aware mind, the more amazing the secret becomes. But it is really taking place. It is one example from a huge research process into programmable matter. Now they want to try to do the same thing with real robots. Asked about the possibility of achieving this, the team leader said “I do not worry about that, as the solution lies in the direction of present evolution.”

The Analogy of the Body
In December, we demonstrated the same phenomenon on the body. The whole body can reflexively change its behaviour in response to a single word. All organs, all cells and molecules react in a coordinated way (Who is the coordinator?). Billions of cells react in the same direction to a gentle touch at a single point. All functions of the body change when one takes a single medicine. A tiny intervention triggers a “holowave” which takes hold of the entire organism – the organism of the body can be taken as an analogy for the organism of humankind. The body consists, like humankind, of individual parts which if massively magnified would seem to be separated from each other, and which still form a unified organism. In both cases, the diverse groups of cells and organs are connected with each other in a complex system. There is no isolated individual, just as there is no isolated cell. Every part is integrated into the whole. Every part can therefore be reached through the whole. What healing information has to be introduced into the whole body of humankind so that the behaviour of all parts will be changed in the direction of healing?

The Analogy of the Magnetic Field
In a magnetic field, scattered iron filings “self-organise”. They all change their position to align themselves with the magnetic field lines. The power coming from above automatically causes the organisation of the scattered parts. You do not go to each individual part to motivate it to change its position. We humans are parts of a cosmic “magnetic field”. The organisation of molecules, cells and organs that make up our body occurs naturally under the influence of higher cosmic power fields. The effect works from above to below. The numerous tiny events of our earthly life are mostly guided by cosmic or societal power fields, and often by the collision of these two. To change the things below, it is recommended to change the power fields above. This saves a lot of work. The most efficient work therefore happens from above to below. Today we are dealing with many negative power fields. Planetary healing work means transforming them into positive power fields. The individual behaviour of all participants will change accordingly. We therefore need a new “planetary power field”, meaning a positive global vision, rather than the methods of individual therapy. For every project that we want to manifest, this rule of thumb applies: find and strengthen the geistig power field (the vision) for this project, and then the people, materials, contacts, funds, etc. that are needed tend to come “naturally”. Find the information of the “trumpet” for global healing work, for the creation of the planetary community, for Tamera, Colombia, Israel/Palestine, etc. Find the geistig power field for the love school, the publishing house, the new economy, etc. Then things arrange themselves in the direction of manifestation. These are not pipe dreams, but a fundamental principle in the creation of a new world.

2. What is the Information?
Which information has to be introduced into the body of humankind so that healing and peace arise? What information is analogous to the “trumpet”?
The answer is clear. It has to be information which is able to change the existing hologram of fear and violence into a hologram of love and trust. Many pieces of information are needed, complementing and strengthening each other: compassion instead of discrimination, truth in love, a full “yes” to the sensual body, trust and solidarity between the genders, trust between children and adults, trust between humans and animals, care and protection for the animal world, trust between humans and God (instead of the old fear of punishment), cooperation with all nature spirits, mutual support, reconnection with the great family of life, reconnection with the unity of all existence, reconnection with the global self and the universal centre of light. All these are aspects of the full information which we have described in our books as the “sacred matrix”. The information of the “trumpet” is the information of the sacred matrix. Instead of giving the command “trumpet”, we give the command “sacred matrix” – in certain knowledge that the inner computer of 6.7 billion people will take the information and pass it on just as the information of a pill is taken and passed on by all mini-computers in the cellular system of the body. There is no doubt about the truth of this statement – if the new information is successfully developed in real life and introduced in the right way. Here – and only here – lies the core of the task and the core of our planetary research project.

This is no easy task as the information concerned is very complex. Additionally, all parts have to be coherent so that the information that develops is free from contradictions. An essential part of the information is, for example, a new picture of love, a new picture of the relationship between the genders and a new power-field of women. I quote from the chapter “A New Women´s Field” from my book “Politische Texte für eine gewaltfreie Erde” (“Political Texts for a non-violent Earth”, 1992, currently only available in German.)

“Women have their own function in the world which first stands beyond all questions of relationship. When a woman becomes small in love, she is misunderstanding her actual role. When a woman runs after a man she runs straight past evolution. From a distance, all of these are very strange processes as the woman is, in her archetypal form and function, the guiding power in the basic questions of love and life. (…) She has, through her connection with life, a different power and universality than only being the partner of one single man.”

To build such new information in women’s perception of their role, all pictures of being fixed on one single man must be profoundly overcome. They do not originate in the sacred matrix, but were forced upon the female gender through male domination during the patriarchal epoch. The dissolution of such old images of the soul will only succeed if they are replaced by new stronger and more beautiful pictures. Such a change does not only take place in the brain but in real, lived new relationships amongst humans.

3. How is the Information created? Who creates it?

The information is created by real people living real lives. Until now, the information of distrust, competition, jealousy, revenge, fear and violence has developed from the real life of humans. This was the deeply ingrained information of a historical collective trauma of war, evictions and destroyed love. The worldwide cruelty and wars arose again and again from this usually unconscious programming. To create the new information of love and trust, different forms of living have to be created. The new information is created by people who are able to develop such new forms of living. This includes a new awareness for the beings which we encounter and which accompany us every day: herbs, flowers, ants, snails, toads, rats, snakes, birds, etc. Recently a little black slug crossed my path. My companion said, “This is also a co-worker in the vineyard of God.” Can we imagine how different our relationship to the animal world would become if we started to perceive the smallest of beings as co-workers in the “vineyard of God”? Do we feel the love which arises here? This is definitely one part of the puzzle of the complete information. The people who build this information need a lot of time and concentration for perception and compassion. Only in a circle of people of unflinching goal orientation and coherence, only with a decision not to allow oneself to be distracted by any injury, only with a connection to the ever more clearly apparent goal, will they be able to create the new information. Such people already exist amongst us. They form the core groups of the developing healing biotopes and peace centres. They have taken on perhaps the most difficult research task, but they will do it, as they also know, like the computer specialist from Pittsburgh: our work will succeed as it lies in the direction of present evolution.

4. The Meaning of the Global Healing Biotopes
How and where can ways of life which create the information of the sacred matrix be developed? How can people live and work together without the old programs of comparison, envy, greed, jealousy, and fear of loss, and without the old structures of competition around sex, money and power? This is the core question. Everything else depends on the answer to this question. It is not technological mega-systems, such as the Mars Project, etc. on which the meaningful survival of humankind depends, but new real-life models of human behaviour in the inner core areas of life (sex, love, partnership, community, religion). We have founded the project of the global healing biotopes to master this work. Healing biotopes are communities for a non-violent way for humans, animals and nature to live together. The above-mentioned core groups originate from the milieu of such communities. It is possible that after some years, members of a core group will spread over the Earth to take on their global tasks at other places; but they receive their basic human education in the community of healing biotopes. Profound experience of living together with the most diverse people, animals and natural spirits is needed for the development of the global vision which the Earth needs today: the information of the sacred matrix.

(A comment about this: we know that not all engaged peaceworkers of the Earth have the possibility to live in community for an extended time, but they are all – if they understand the concept of our project – included in the “planetary community” and the concept of the “Global Campus” which for some years has been preparing a worldwide system of healing biotopes, peace villages and universities.)

5. Principles of Life in the Healing Biotopes
Some principles apply in the Healing Biotope Tamera, Portugal, which we believe are universally applicable in all countries of the Earth:

The three ethical principles: truth, mutual support and responsible participation in the community. It quickly becomes apparent that these three principles demolish our old patterns of life as soon as we seriously want to follow them (truth in love!).
The precept of transparency in all areas of public life (economy, hierarchy, distribution of responsibility, politics, etc.)
Help for animals and cooperation with nature spirits.
Daily education in the basic thoughts and goals of the project. If possible, all participants should carry the picture of the whole within them. Thus, over and above all areas of work, a coherent information system (CIS) develops.

Through daily education and the many education courses, a geistig roof is built for all participants, under which they find common solidarity and fellowship. The principle of individual autonomy and individuation also applies, and also for children: all participants shall be able to develop based on their particular talents and interests. All shall have the possibility of realising their highest goal in life. This principle leads to a kind of basic democracy which has not been possible under earlier life conditions. There is no collective force and no contradiction between the interests of the community and the interest of the individual. This is maybe the most utopian element in the plan of the new communities. And it is not unrealistic, as the thirty-two years of our project history have shown. The historical systems of patriarchy were based on the principle of collectivism: violent adaptation to the mainstream in combination with elimination of individual freedom. The connection of free individuation and a common geistig roof, creates a counter-structure to all imperialistic or fascist systems. This belongs to the information of the sacred matrix.

6. Global Core Groups, Global Campus , Terra Nova School and Planetary Community
We direct the perception of our soul towards the whole of the world. We recognise a centre of light at the heart of the universe. If we keep our attention there, we sense how this light centre ignites a light inside ourselves. It is as if there were an outer and an inner sun which want to fuse with each other. Mystical and religious ecstasies arose from this process. Today we soberly recognise that this light centre does actually exist and that it is probably the centre of all living beings. The perception is clear. This universal centre has something to do with life, love, healing. This has an essential meaning for the work of the core groups in the healing biotopes, as their goal is not only subjective. It seems to exist objectively in the construction of the world. The sacred matrix which is given as information into the living body of the planet is a universal matrix, a structure around which the universe is ordered, a ”Masterplan of God”. Therefore original light-powers of the universe support the undertakings of peaceworkers. The entelechial goal of the healing biotopes, the entelechial goal of their participants and the entelechial goal of the whole of humankind are identical: reconnection with the universal light centre, re-entry into the universal communication of the sacred matrix.
In this context we do not only see the work as confined to the core groups, but also as a development of the Global Campus and a growth of the planetary community. In all processes we have the same entelechial goal and the same entelechial carrier frequency for global understanding and cooperation. It is therefore difficult to believe in the failure of such undertakings as they correspond to a universal plan which is inherent in all beings as an entelechy.
(Finally, perhaps a remark for special thinkers: if there is an entelechial unity of all beings, how does it show itself in the biological and geistig construction of the organism? It shows itself for example in the genetic code. We know that the genetic code is – in its basic mathematical structure – the same in all beings. We can therefore name it the biological world formula. On a geistig level, friends of the I-Ching could call the I-Ching the geistig world formula. It is interesting that these two world formulae are almost identical in their mathematical structure. A fascinating hint for the unity of life.)

I thank all those who have come this far with us.
For a future without war.
In the name of all children.
For love for all that lives.


  1. Hello Peter. This is a beautiful and compelling article. We share a lot of your views at Noomap and many of them inspire our work. We have shared your article on our website and credited it to you and linked it to this blog. I have included my email if you wish to connect with us generally and let us know if your article is not for general re-distribution. With love, Andrea

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