Salim Dara: Why I return to Africa

It is easy to answer to this question…

Salim_DaraI visited the Tamera Peace Research center in Portugal because I wanted to learn more about permaculture and then to come back home to continue working with my community. And when I arrived in Tamera, I not only learned about this topic but also, actually more, about how to make peace in the world. I’m now convinced that water, energy and food are in abundance in the world. It’s just because we don’t know how to deal with nature that there’s so much misunderstanding and war on planet Earth. So, wherever we are in the world, we can create abundance if we know how to cooperate with the nature and practice love, full love, which means love and responsibility, respect for human beings, animals, vegetables, etc.
So why to leave our countries for Europe? In Africa we have solar power in abundance. We have nature in abundance because of the sun and the high photosynthesis activity, we have water in abundance because of the mountains and valleys and so on. We can be self-sufficient; we just have to bring together our efforts, our minds and hearts, to make good choices and work hard. That’s all. If someone refuses to take this way of success he’ll be frustrated all his life anywhere in the world. So, a good life can be achieved everywhere; we just have to choose success. I’ve already made this choice, to be positive in my life, because I know that it’s necessary in order to transform failures to wins.
Because of all this I’ll never leave my country to try to find a better life in another one. Africa is beautiful. My community trust me and five years ago they took me as their king to ensure peace, security and the development of the city of Djougou in Benin, West Africa. I’m very happy to do it. How could someone turn away from an opportunity like this, to be useful for his community?
Let me tell you that we gained something more important in Tamera. Through our participation in the Terra Nova School we gained a commitment to peace in the world. I believe in this and I have a project for making this a reality at home. That’s why I come back; I will do this.
Finally “Global Grace leads me home.” I thank God for that and for the cooperation with Tamera and Terra Nova.

2 thoughts on “Salim Dara: Why I return to Africa

  1. Dear Salim,
    thank you sooo much for all these wonderful reminders!
    “we gained a commitment for peace in the world” – thank youuuu !

    a wonderful song:
    “I came here to release all my fears, make peace with all my tears and discover, what it means to be ALIVE.”


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