December Letter

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Dear students of the Terra Nova School, dear friends and allies for a new Earth!

We send you greetings from the beginning of wintertime in Tamera. We – as carriers of the Healing Biotope I – are now taking time for reflection, vision work and recalibrating our priorities. After the successful journeys this fall (above all in the US and Germany/Austria/Switzerland) we feel encouraged and want to restructure and transform Tamera in a way that it can accept its global healing assignment more fully.

First of all, we invite you to take a look at an article written by our friend Alnoor Ladha, the executive director of The Rules, in which he genially reviewed the Terra Nova book by Dieter Duhm, Killing the Caterpillar: Competing Worldviews at the Chrysalis Stage of Humanity.
If you like the article, please share it with your friends.

You may consider gifting the book, Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love, to friends, colleagues or family (// Jacqueline Sa, author of Exultation: Erotic Tales of Divine Union says, “I had read all of Dieter Duhm’s books and this is his best yet. (…) For me, there is no better gift of Love during this Holiday Season of giving, to spread the word for a united dream of a kinder future toward one another, globally and for our beloved Earth.”

The Christian world is celebrating advent, a time of contemplation and preparation for the arrival of light. Around winter solstice is (at least in the Northern hemisphere) the time when the nights and the darkness is the longest. At the climax of greatest darkness lies the tipping point, after which the light increasingly returns. This annual rhythm was honored in many ancient mythologies and pagan cultures, and Christendom picked it up by celebrating advent. Today we can translate this process even more broadly onto all of humanity and say – we live in a time of planetary advent, in anticipation and preparation for new light after such a long era of violence, fear and separation.

In her book Sources of Love and Peace, Sabine Lichtenfels lets the “Goddess” or the “soul of the world” speak through her. The goddess says,
I cannot operate in you fully until you have been fully born, and that means fully discovering and accepting ME and letting ME work fully through you. It means that you recognize and accept the authority you have through ME, also in difficult situations. It occurs when your connection to ME has been reestablished.

The birth that is about to come is no longer the one of an individual redeemer, but of a collective messiah. Our divine nature wants to be globally reborn and touch the light of the world. The philosopher Ernst Bloch referred to this as the “consciousness of our advent.” It consists of the transition from our old ego identity towards our actual, divine identity. We can call it our “christ nature,” “inner shekinah,” “atman” or simply the “higher self.”

By building Healing Biotopes, communities, study groups, intellectual and spiritual spaces of encounter and global networks, we want to offer a birth channel to this divine potential within humanity to enable its manifestation here on Earth. This birth can only be successful when we work together – by connecting with each other, supporting each other, cultivating solidarity and focusing together globally on a common goal.

A few years ago, Dieter Duhm described, in poetic and intimate language, how this transformation might occur within us and on the planet in his essay Soul Vision. We send this text to you for your study and inspiration.

The planetary advent is a political one too; reflection is urgently needed when facing the global catastrophes that can no longer be answered by the known “solutions.” The El Niño expected this winter, climate change, the cruel wars in the Middle East and the unending stream of refugees entering Europe… More and more activists feel that we need to dive much deeper in order to find answers to all this alarming news.

The Indian novelist and anti-globalization activist Arundhati Roy recently published a moving article about her encounter with the American whistleblower Edward Snowden in Moscow. After Snowden’s explanations about how Western societies “sleepwalk into a total surveillance state” and talks about the “love to nations” that prompts people toward most atrocious acts, Roy writes,
And what about our failure? Writers, artists, radicals, anti-nationals, mavericks, malcontents – what of the failure of our imaginations? What of our failure to replace the idea of flags and countries with a less lethal Object of Love? Human beings seem unable to live without war, but they are also unable to live without love. So the question is, what shall we love? Here you can read the entire article.

In these times we live in, political activism can obviously no longer escape dealing with the deeper existential issues of human life. In order to find the urgently necessary solutions for the world, we are challenged to review our basic assumptions about life, love, Eros, purpose, God and the future.

Warmest greetings in this time of new (inner) birth!

One thought on “December Letter

  1. Thank you for these three articles, Martin. I’ve printed them out, and look forward to reading them. It has been raining all day here in Oakland, California. Everyone welcomes the rain, as we need it after this long drought. While driving the streets this evening, it felt kind of surreal, with reflections of lights bouncing off the water on the streets. I’ve been thinking about how grateful I am for all that is given to us for free… these articles are a good example. Wonderful food for thought. How I love living during these times when we can share ideas as though we were at a feast. In our monetarized world, people have come to deprecate what can be had for free, and often don’t value what is given for free very much, such as kindness, compassion, time, attention, forgiveness, loyalty, humility, steadfastness, perseverance. Back in the 60’s, many of us embraced the idea expressed in the song that Janis Joplin made famous, Nothin ain’t worth nothin, less it’s free… I dream of a world without wars, and even without money.

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