Refugee Politics – how to learn from the past

Motto: Living in the presence – learning from the past, so that future ‘presence’ becomes liveable. 

How the past repeats-and nearly nobody realizes this. History and learning from it to avoid making again and again the same mistakes, seems not attractive to a fast living society. Living the presence should however be the way to find its own innerst core, empathy and relation to the society – no druglike ego-trip. Living the moment as existing reality, will include automatically the contemplation and study of the past to conserve its strong, human, positive elements and eliminate ist destructive, unhuman, negative elements. Without such constant feedback-loops, without the serious and sorrow study of the past, the evolution of a society becomes unstable, without clear landmarks – like pathes in the fog. Nature has given us humans the possiblity to study the past, not to look in the future. But studying the past allows us to plan for the future. Studying the past requires time and effort to hear numereous testimonies from different sides, written, in pictures or directly from elder persons as witnesses. If we discovered by our intensive living the moment, that our real nature is love and our natural wish to transmit, joy of life to future generations, we will recognize, that this principle embedded in the real core of all great religions, was unfortunately not the main guiding line of the historical events which led to our todays gobal situation; if it would have been, and not greediness, egoistic wish of dominance and power, we would not live in a world of injustice, violence, destroying the bio- and-ecosphere, including our own race; if we would really take the time to live the moment in all depth and individuality, we would not be attracted by onesided, sensational and interest oriented fast medias – we would take the time to study the past with the sorrowness described above.

Doing this, we would for example stand, as it just happened to me and Ahuva Tamar, in Tel Aviv, in front of the shiplike monument, for the Ma’apilim, the ‘illegal’ immigrants surviving the hell of the Holocaust.
Reading their testimonies, seing how this courageous, heroic people (see the tragic story of the refugee ship ‘Exodus’) had to fight between 1938 and 1948 (when the State of Israel was founded) against the ruthless blockade of an armada of british (!) warships, against the cynism of numerous countries, refusing to give the desperate shelter, protection and the chance to survive (read: Erich Maria Remarque: The Night of Lissabon).

When this tragedy happened, the world knew about the criminal dark empire of Nazi Germany, about all the historical faults from all sides which created the ‘fertile ground’ that the biggest crimes in the human history could develop. And the world did: NOTHING! Evidently compassion and love for life and creation had not been the guidelines of international political actions preceeding and during the tragedy. It was however fight for power, influence, dreams of world domination, greediness, egoistic, onesided rush for profit which made the events possible.

Would we today, after the full dimension of the Holocaust and the war horrors are undeniable, weird facts, act in another way, if by a wonder the time could be turned back? I am sure – Yes we would. We would have saved the people, giving them compassion, human help, we would have made no compromises in fighting the evil, we would have wisely, and using our influence, money and good spirits have actively participated in creating between the Jewish and Arab populations in Palestine a novel, future oriented state, using the unique, combined elements of rich cultures, sciences and arts of both sides to demonstrate how the evolution of mankind can leave the dark ages of the past. A blockade of the desperate by warships to saveguard egoistic interests for oil and power – sacryfiing human values to the god of mammon – such a shamefull action would simply be impossible … knowing the full truth about second World Wars events and the possibility to correct this, would without any doubt start the largest project in mankinds history, a huge effort to bring humans fate to the way of careful cooperation instead of hate and fearful fight ….. would, would, would …..

Unfortunately we can not act in the past, to correct our faults and crimes. But, learning really from the past by studying it carefully, should and must enable us, to prevent repetitions of the old patterns, even if they have not yet completely unfolded; in my view this is the sole chance to really come out of the ever accelerating spiral of destruction – out of the ‘suicide program’ in which we all are trapped.

Therefore lets have a short look on the new catastrophe happening under our all eyes in the Mediterenean Sea:
Because we didn´t learn really the lessons of the dark 20th century, the same mecanisms of brutal greediness, egoism, lack of human motivations, misinformation of the masses, the resulting fear and violence reigns the world; we have unfortunately to state, that the facism has not really been defeated and continues its destructive work under new masques all over the globe.The loosers of this crunching monster are – for the moment – the poorest and weakest of the exponentially growing mankind. Victims of extreme poverty or hot wars for strategic ressources as energy and water, they started a new aera of mass migration toward the rich countries – already tenth of millions are on their way, a human tsunami full of desperation, steadily growing. Many of them try to cross the Mediterenean direction Europe – thousands – man, woman , children are drowning under our eyes, many succeeding the escape end in an army of modern slaves – underpayed, with no rights, used as ‘human material’.
Don´t we see how history repeats? Are we again waiting, untill the historical facts tell about new Holocausts, new ‘ethnic rimsing’ of whole populations, new monsters (to a great extent self produced by our international ‘politic’) and finally – as last ‘solution’ – big, desastreous wars?

So, knowing by observation of the past what risks to happen in the future, we should and must now develop a big global plan, starting with some imminent actions. Concerning the mediterenean (and other, similar events all over the world) tragedy we can do the following:

1.) End the fight between nations, see the threat and danger for us all; use great parts of the now no longer used moneys for arms to master the mass migration in three steps:

a.) Hire cruise ships to shelter the poor masses and give them safe transfer to safe places (hotels, education centers, aso) where they can stay, nourished and educated until stable places are available were they can make their life.

b.) Strenghten the local infrastructure in the poor countries, so that the educated people can return; give those with higher education chances to fill the gaps in the rich shrinking nations.

c.) End with dedication in common, iternational effort the hot wars and establish conditions for the people to return.

2.) In order to end the fight between nations it is important, to understand, that the real danger humanity is facing results out of the destruction of our bio- and ecosphere. The argument used is that we are living in a world of growing scarcity and that therefore distribution fights and negative environmental effects are unavoidable. The reality is, that we are living in a world of abundance, if we accept and recognize the natural gift of the Sun. Therefore lets recognize as our all enemy the situation we have created globally; lets fight it by unifying our forces and develop a peaceful Solar Age of civilization (See: Modern Tribal Settlements).

3.) A humanity which can fly to the moon is also capable to solve its homemade problems. Lets do it with compassion, intelligence and modesty. Its the sole way to survive. And – studying the past to master the future requires humans living fully in the presence – with roots to the real values of the creation.

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