Report from a field trip to Kenya

Will OTEPIC buy a donkey?  

P1000517.v02Dear friends of Terra Nova!

This is our first English report from our field trip in Kenya, to support the project OTEPIC founded by Philip Munyasia. More about him here.

It is beautiful to see how this project is growing, how the people like to be together in community. How they like to work together, to walk together, to eat, to sing together, if someone is coming and give them the impulse. And also they are hungry for “Geist”  or “knowledge from people with open hearts”.


Two days ago we had a meeting and the issue was “will OTEPIC buy a donkey”. It was like a talking stick circle, so every person have to speak. It was beautiful to hear all the people speaking. Soon it was clear that it should be a couple, not to feel alone and also share the heavy loads and you could see that this can be a new model how to tread animals in a good way. To cooperate and be friends with them and not hold them as slaves.

P1000424.v01Last week we used 2 days to measure the land with a 30m long water pipe spirit-level. All around the borders of the land (2km) we put every 30 meter a stick for the level and even more between the huts. It was a nice action with six to seven young men. Two measured the 30m, one punched in the sticks, two handled the water pipe for the level, the other one scratched the mark on the stick and I wrote the measurement on the list. The next days I will make a lesson out of it and bring all to a map.


Wednesday morning the young men from Otepic started to move the earth bricks from the Amani Garden to the new Sabuani Land. In the evening the bearing of the trailer was broken, but they could fix it within the begin of the night. It was nice to watch this technician with the flying workshop on the road, all tools in a rice bag. And so tomorrow it will go on with another two loads, each 600-800 bricks.

Tuesday morning at 10am when I passed the road, where the trailer with the bricks was broken, the young men were still in process to bring the tractor and the trailer together. And it takes two hours to solve this. Then we drove 50m but the bearing was not well fixed. In the evening when we went back the trailer was still there.

At 11 am came an expert for building with interlocking compressed earth bricks.

Until 12h30 we could also solve the problem to transport the moulding press from the Amani garden to the Sabuani Land. Then we had around 3 hours a good workshop to learn how to make solid earth bricks and get an introduction how to build houses with them. When you have the bricks and the foundation you can put up the house in one day.

It was a full, beautiful African day.

Asante sana , thanks a lot for these beautiful days.



2 thoughts on “Report from a field trip to Kenya

  1. It is so beautiful how you (and we) accompany this group over time… imagining this meeting about the donkey makes my heart smile to think how they are with each other, the animals, and decision making. I remember Philip asking so sincerely about decision making during the Global Campus, and now together you all listen deeply. Thank you for the ways you support the technology, and the humans, and all beings.

  2. Thank you for the work you are doing in OTEPIC, Martin and Chryssa. OTEPIC´s work is not only heart warming but hope-generating.

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