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Happy New Year to you from Tamera in Portugal. 

To begin, let us imagine taking distance from our current locations and our individual situations in order to gain a view of the global situation as if from outside of it.  We are called, time and again, to take this kind of perspective so that we can position ourselves wisely.
We live in a world in transformation. At the turn of the year the temperature was above zero degrees at the North Pole; as warm as Germany or Southern California around the same time and 30 degrees celsius higher than usual. The catastrophic global effects of the weather system “El Niño” that were predicted for this winter are taking place in front of our eyes. 2015 was the warmest year on record and was full of environmental disasters. This is the outcry of the Earth, Nature’s feedback to our anti-life world order. At the beginning of 2016, around 23,000 animal and plant species are threatened with extinction; never have so many species been on this list.
Catastrophic information reaches us from the societal realm too. Never has there been as much social inequality as today. In 2016, the richest 1% of the global population will, for the first time in history, possess more than the other 99% combined. In this year the United States will spend more on weapons than ever before; theirs is the largest war budget in history. The global elite is preparing itself for more war and social unrest. Under the pretext of defense against Islamist terror the surveillance systems of Western states are expanding, basic democratic rights are gradually eroding, and police units are increasingly militarized. Edward Snowden warns that mankind is sleepwalking into a “total surveillance” state. The ruling elites are aware that this is the only way they can stay in power. The open demands of a leading US presidential candidate for internment camps and badges to mark Muslims are gaining strong support in wide sections of the population. On a global scale, fascism is rising again; it is visible in the cruel spread of the “Islamic State”, in Erdogan’s war against the Kurds, in the growing apartheid in Israel-Palestine and in the violence in the Ukraine.  It is evident also in the West in the political success of the far right throughout Europe and the marked increase in right-wing crime in Germany. Furthermore we observe that the inability of the “radical left” to stop the neo-liberal strategies of impoverishment, exploitation and destabilization on a political and democratic path,  as was seen in Greece, threatens to further play into the hands of the ultra right-wing arsonists. We live in an apocalyptic time.
Apocalypse, however, signifies not only downfall but also revelation. In a widely distributed online article, a Brazilian entrepreneur describes current signs of change – more and more people who can no longer stand the existing work model, a different kind of entrepreneurship, growing collaboration, newly awakening spirituality, new educational models and so on. We experience similar things on our journeys and through contact with guests in Tamera. New projects are arising everywhere; people are founding communities, embarking on new paths. The longing for new, socially authentic and ecologically sustainable ways of living is enormous. The number of requests for collaboration and support for building new models that come to us from all over world, including from senior government authorities, grows continuously. Behind the scenes of atrocity a new world is preparing itself. It is carried by a new humaneness. The compassionate and dedicated engagement of many many people Germany and other countries with the influx of refugees is a clear sign of this positive transformation. In this “movement of the helpers” the shift from an old structure of isolation, indifference and fear to a new opening of empathy and assistance is taking place. The direction of today’s revolution lies in this turn from a closed and separated system to a way of living life based on trust and a genuine openness to the world.

Fitting to this, we send you a moving and intimate prayer by Dieter Duhm as inspiration – the “Prayer at the Threshold.”
In addition, we recommend you watch an interview recently conducted by Martin Winiecki with Dieter Duhm in Tamera on the question, “How to overcome the global system of violence?s//www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aaskF7Jq68 (German with English subtitles).

In December, the aid program “refuGEN“ started on the Greek island of Lesbos, initiated and organized by the European section of the “Global Ecovillage Network.” Every day, thousands of refugees arrive on Lesbos by sea from Turkey. Since Christmas several of Tamera’s co-workers have been there to help.  They bear witness to heartbreaking situations and support those arriving as much as they can. On our blog “Terra Nova Voice” you can find the moving diaries of Dara Silverman and articles by Leila Dregger:

In order to bring about a global field of peace which is more powerful than the rising of fascism we need, above all, to develop images of a “concrete utopia”, visions of the new culture we want to create. The vision of global healing must become concrete, visible, networked and sexy; it must ‘go viral’ through the Internet and be written on walls in all major cities. The old epoch can only be left behind to the extent that the new one is “seen.” Through this planetary vision we also gain a new reference by which we can resolve our individual questions and make decisions. We want to establish a network of people from around the world who are firmly anchored in this perspective and power.

During the journeys that we took during the fall of 2015, in the United States and the German speaking countries, we gained the impression that time has become ripe for the Terra Nova movement. At this point, we would once again like to express our gratitude to all (old and new) friends in the world. Thank you for your untiring support and faithfulness! We could not do this work without you. The increasing demand and positive resonance that we are receiving – including to the book Terra Nova – encourages us to continue building the Terra Nova movement this year with full energy.

Some milestones for 2016…
In mid-May we will convene a special circle of thinkers and visionaries, journalists, activists, donors and politicians who have recognized the importance of the Healing Biotopes Plan and who are ready to collaborate on a global level for its implementation. It is intended that this meeting will give rise to a “World Council” for Terra Nova, a strategic and visionary body for the implementation of global peace.
Also in May we expect the release of an hour-long documentary film by Ian MacKenzie and John Wolfstone about Tamera’s Global Love School – the “Healing of Love.” To accompany this film, we want to offer a program for all those interested in deepening their understanding of the issue of love and global revolution. It will be an online course of four to six weeks addressing the core questions of inner and outer change, love, sexuality and community.
In the beginning of August, we will again welcome comrades and activists for Terra Nova for a ten-day education time in Tamera. In October and November we plan events in  England, Germany and Spain as well as a pilgrimage through Portugal.

More details will follow shortly and you will be able to see our event calendar on the Tamera website by the end of the month: //www.tamera.org. We look forward to deepening our connection and collaboration with you!

We send you our most warmhearted greetings and best wishes for the New Year …


Martin Winiecki, Monika Alleweldt, Janni Hentrich, Peter Lewerenz, Nora Czajkowski, Dara Silverman

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