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Great Spirit. Together with all creatures of our planet we stand at a turning point. 

prayingThere has been enough horror; this pain is now no longer needed. Guide me please in every step and every word towards the picture of the coming resurrection and revelation. And so that I can believe in it ever more firmly, I ask You please to reveal it in myself, in my own body and my own new birth.

I ask You with all the power of self-interest which every living being needs, to reveal the transformational power of this global change in our own lives. We have all fallen, all passed through a horrible worldwide trauma on our karmic journey. We have been tortured, wounded and hurt. We have all started to doubt and at some point rebelled against Your message. Maybe we have even persecuted those who wanted to remain faithful to You.

We have all reached a point which was so horrible that we could only scream for help. And slowly we have understood how we have passed on the fear and agony to others exactly through our attempts to protect ourselves from them for ever. Only now are we starting to fully understand the vicious circle into which the unspeakable pain of this earthly world has brought us. We are starting to understand that it was we ourselves, we human beings who created this collective pain. And we see that it is we human beings who now have the task and possibility of ending this pain.

We have in fact arrived at a threshold from where we can very surely see a different future: the Earth, liberated from the nightmare of several thousand years of global war. Here, Oh Lord, overwhelmed by what my spiritual eyes have seen, I want to fall down upon my knees. An old cycle ends here. We have survived. Now we want to arise anew, once more in covenant with You! For so long we have not understood You. For so long You have not revealed Yourself, at least not in a way we could understand. But now we begin to see You anew and now we can once again speak the words of Jesus, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, … for thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory, for ever and ever.”

Thank you and Amen.


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