A Statement for International Women’s Day

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For Women’s Peace-Power, and for a Culture of Partnership

Tamera, Standing stones, meditation at sunrise, PortugalPhoto: Sarah Vollmer (le.), Vassamali Kurtaz and Sabine Lichtenfels during a ceremony in Tamera

We women want violence to disappear from the face of the earth. We want that peace enters into the relationships between peoples, to nature, and in love. All that is young should have a chance to grow and blossom freely. This is our political will.
We care about everything that lives. Everything with skin and fur, we care for and protect like a mother.
And yet, the Earth is in turmoil! Violence against the earth, against animals, and against human beings; violence against women: Global war is made possible by a closed heart.
It is now essentially up to us women, whether there will be war or peace in our countries.
Male dominance has been shaping history for over 3000 years, and in this way the principle of “hard power” was established. This history has consisted of breaking resistances, in expansionist conquest, in religious wars, and in sexual prohibition. Countless people had to give up their lives because of these structures. Hate, cruelty, and violence still dominate the planet. With great pain we had to look on, as violence resistance lead only to further suffering. Globally speaking, we have come to a dead end; and we will not find a way out unless we, as women, take a clear stand. This new women’s power is not directed against men, nor against our love for men; it does however definitively abandon those male structures which have contributed to the destruction of life and love around the world. To face the global power of war, we establish the global power of peace.

The peace-power of women stands for giving and protecting life, and not for the destruction of life.
Women’s peace-power is a power to act in the world which is deeply anchored in erotic joy, in connectedness with all beings, and in global compassion: Compassion for all the living things that suffer and die under patriarchal structures. Compassion with all women that—even today, in every corner of the earth—are beaten, cut, forced to marry, killed by stoning, and raped. Compassion for the situation of man, and his fear of of the feminine, which has led him to this struggle.

We commit to following the path of our female strength, and of a new love for men. For too long we have tried to emulate men, and in this way we reduced ourselves to the level of pseudo-emancipated marionettes of male culture. A new women’s movement will begin when we understand this insanity and end it. We are firmly committed to the initiation of a non-violent revolution, which will take a stand for global peace, wherever we are. We enter into global solidarity among women, and in this way we take back our lost power… a power that comes from love. We give thanks to all men who refuse to serve war and commit to working towards a just world.
We reach out to men: Let’s work together to develop social systems dedicated to solidarity, compassion, and trust. Let’s cooperate with the powers of this earth, so that our children and grandchildren can life a life that fits to their original and authentic longings. Let us show that a world without war and violence is possible!

In the name of the Tamera community,
Sabine Lichtenfels and Leila Dregger



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One thought on “A Statement for International Women’s Day

  1. Only the power of God, creator of mankind and the universe can give the peace we’re talking about here by working His sovereign power through us. Thats if we are to be practicle and realistic

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