Community and Solidarity

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Even the best project fail
when the human factor is not considered …

communityGrace Pilgrimage through Israel-Palestine 2007, led by Tamera co-founder Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn

Transcribed from an unscripted speech, February 2016

From the book, Terra Nova – Global Revolution and the Healing of Love, from the chapter, “The ‘By Itself’ Principle”:
Self-direction can also occur in a community, as soon as a lived field of trust is created. Instead of individuals charged with decision making, a higher intelligence enters, which we can call the ‘Communitarian I.’ The Communitarian I works through the individual participants; and in this way the things that should happen for the benefit of the community are organized without rules or authority.

My book, Terra Nova, has the subtitle: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love. Today I will talk about global revolution and the healing of community. I won’t say a lot about love. When we use the word love, we are often thrown back into our own private, individual lives and ways of thinking. With the word community, we are pushed forward into thoughts of life shared with one another. For this reason, the subjects of love, partnership, Eros, and sexuality, may not help us lay the foundation for a lasting community. So what could be such a foundation? I say this in order to free the Tamera community from all ideologically fixed ideas. I do this because we are in a research process. We want to find out how trust can arise among human beings. Trust is the foundation for community. Religion is not the basis for community. You can believe in God or not… in a political theory or not. The decisive die is cast elsewhere. It is cast when people notice why we do everything that we do. It is cast when we face the events on Lesbos. When turn our attention to the human drama of the last millenia, we want insights into how we can find solutions.
Community is the original, ancient home of the human being. However, these communities were destroyed over thousands of years, throughout a history defined by war. And the destruction was so deep that no empire continued to imagine that, caught in this trance of global power, any human community could arise that could tear power away from the rulers and overturn the system.
Even now, no one believes it. Think about the “Occupy” movement! Briefly, a community existed next to Wall Street in New York, and elsewhere. But then, it was just like during the student revolution of 1968: The short-term revolution brings people together. When that comes to an end, the internal struggles among one another return. It is a destructive force, much stronger than a private wish for community.

What is missing is the knowledge needed for community. Community knowledge is “mystery knowledge,” and of the highest order. Knowledge of love is part of this. Knowledge about men and women also.
The foundation of a functioning community is trust among people. And trust between people and animals. And trust between our world, which we can see, and the unseen world. Together, all this creates a community.

I would claim that as soon as real trust arises among a first group of people, a healing knowledge will be downloaded, which will bring us into a new relationship with one another: men into a different relationship to women, and the other way around. Human beings into another relationship to animals, and the other way around. As soon as the fuse of trust smokes, begins to burn, and then bursts into flame in the first places around the earth, a particular field will be activated, which is part of creation’s plan.
We are born to trust one another. That is the sacred matrix. For this, I don’t need any religious doctrine. Nor do I need any Marxist ideology—even if it is perhaps a correct one—nor do I need Confucius, nor any laws.

Anyone who thinks that we can found a new ecology and build a coexistence with nature by strictly observing specific laws, is working step by step towards an inquisition. Irritation will inevitably grow, because others are not keeping to these laws. And, in the long run, who can perfectly follow any such law? No one. Unless the law is anchored in a higher order of life and of love… but then it isn’t a law anymore. It is rather an autonomous power, and not something one can write down in legal form, and make everyone obey it. It is rather a power that one follows as inner guidance, together with other people who also follow this same power. Thus community arises.

The power of trust is the foundation of community. It is worthwhile to follow reflect on this again and again. At the moment when trust enters into the relationship between two human beings… in that moment the relationship is transformed. All at once, it is joyful to see this person enter the room. One is happy to have him or her nearby. Before, it was not like this. The whole organism responds. It is a joy to recognize the psychological response of trust. This is the healing reaction. It happens by itself. But we human beings are called upon to understand the basic conditions for this reaction, and to learn how to consciously bring it about. Create trust! Get rid of every ideology, concept, and religion of the past. Leave it behind! Let’s work together, on the basis of solidarity, and with a shared goal.

When I, as a man, discover my solidarity with a woman, it is an overwhelming experience. All at once, I step out of all kinds of emotional stickiness. In the place of a previous emotionality, a consciousness and will suddenly arise.

The passions of love were previously steered by our reptilian brainstems. Einstein said: “People until now have been thinking with their brainstems, not their heads.” It’s true. But along with the head I would like to include the heart, since we are considering the subject of trust. This is where endurance comes from, the ability to overcome obstacles. When I begin to trust a group of people, community arises among us, which in general will be able overcome any resistance. If I was imprisoned with such a group, and was told that they had betrayed me, I would simply say, That’s not so. Because I know that it isn’t so. And then the prison wardens have no power. This is called Trust. And against trust, every form of secret police is powerless.

We can begin in a small community like Tamera. If as few as 100 people enter into this power of trust, something will arise which is invulnerable. Something that can endure in the face of private wishes and competitive struggles. In community, a new level of consistency and coherence arises. A new level of holding together as a group. I am then largely freed from the question of whether my personal needs are satisfied, because those needs are slowly shifting over to a different level. Then I notice that something can develop in a community, which could not be realized though moralism and religion. Namely, it is possible to hold up a mirror to the world that does not only reflect destruction, but also shows a solution: Healing.

This is why people come to Tamera. And the better we understand this, the more persuasive our work to build a model will become—for the Blueprint project, for the healing of water, for the school and for bringing up children, for everything. When trust, and this way of working together, are present within the community. This is a major challenge in every area. We should use the year 2016 to make this shift definitively.

We should no longer permit ourselves any discord, competition, or conflict… or perhaps some, but only for fun, so we have some material for Forum. But please, don’t take it seriously. Think of Lesbos. Read the journal entries that our coworkers sent from there. Be aware of what is happening right now, between the west coast of Turkey and the islands of the Aegean. Imagine you are in such a boat. And you know you will not sink. You know you will be rescued. And you will be able to return to Tamera. What would you then want to do, back in Tamera? This is the situation in which we now find ourselves.

When volunteers and organizations come together to help the refugees, interesting ideas emerge, for example the center in Hamburg where an entire neighborhood has been purchased for the creation of a settlement for asylum-seekers. These are wonderful ideas, and we can only support them. Nevertheless, none of them will work. This is because the human factor is not really considered: all of the passion, the longings, the pain… everything that has been stirred into turmoil over the years and centuries in the homelands of the refugees. This is all too powerful. If they don’t know how to create trust, a stable trust among human beings, then they will have no orientation. We will have no orientation. They are us, and we are them. Wild passions arise, when one has survived as a refugee. Or even when one has been present for a time as a helper; it is a powerful experience. But the awareness of how to deal with it is still lacking. Everyone wants to help… but then how does it go on past that?

Then we enter into the much more difficult work, namely the establishment of Healing Biotopes. The establishment of concrete, working models for the Blueprint. In the long run, models do not work because of technological or ecological knowledge. Rather, when they do work, it is because they work on the human level. This should be written in capital letters: On the Human Level. Only then comes the ecological work, the technology, the cooperation with devas, the joy of children, and children rediscovering their trust for adults. In order for this to work on the human level, we have to abandon misguided ideas about sex, love, and partnership; and replace them with correct ideas. One should not do this with laws; instead we want to build a field in the community… a field which will enable us to risk a bit more truthfulness, instead of faking and cheating so much.

But let us begin by joining into a shared wish to help, before we enter into these human depths. Because these depths nearly always bring us into contact with our collective trauma. A community lives from its shared work. When we were building the Ashram with 30 people, is was simply a joy to live in the place. In any case, during the time of construction. People who build a house together build community—usually for as long as it takes to build the house. Then it falls apart again… first the community, then the house. When building community, rather than a house, the cement and concrete—and, as far as I am concerned, the steel—is trust. That is the steel of the human being, but this steel is soft.

The task is to create home in a world consisting nearly entirely of refugees. And therefore, we should make it the highest priority to create a home-space… a kind of Mecca for peaceworkers. We should invest a lot of desire and vision-power in the building of a guest area—so that guests really feel welcome—and establish a real culture of hospitality.

We have so, so much potential here. People are ready to do a lot. It would be enough, if a small group worked on a comprehensive blueprint-principle, if behind them were 100 people fully engaged in the establishment of the guest center, the place of the children, the water retention landscape, new energy technology, and all the other things. But always under the condition that these coworkers come together among one another; not entering into competition, sibling rivalries, or other conflicts. Any time different groups form—groups of people, men’s- or women’s groups, sibling groups—they should avoid competition, and rather see and love one another in a relationship of solidarity. When this happens, we have won.

3 thoughts on “Community and Solidarity

  1. I am not sure what you are referring to when you speak of trust whether with a small t or a big T. As I see it, it is not a matter of trust or no trust rather a matter of what do we trust. When you write trust between people and animals what do you mean? I can be afraid of bears and say that I don’t trust them but that would be true only in a certain way of understanding trust. For truly, when I fear bears I fear so out of a belief that they will hurt me. I trust that by virtue of their size and fear of humans they will probably hurt me in some form of self defense. This belief breeds my fear and my difficulties in trusting a bear. So my question to you is not whether to trust or not rather what to trust? Am I to trust the goodness in all things? Am I to trust that there is enough for everyone and no need for competition? Am I to trust that others are driven by good and that there is enough room to accommodate both my interests and the others’ interests?

  2. Thank you Dieter, for your always present presence and teachings. We are walking together, at this same Earth we were forged, into the new reality. We re now forging together this new reality. Our endeavors of love and compassion will succeed. They are succeeding. We are succeeding. Terra Nova is already happening.

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