Community: Building Block for a Humane Society

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Community is a way of life which leads us to the experience of unity.

community_1Introduction to a firewalk by Satya (from the Injoy group), Tamera, March 2016

Modern science has exceeded far-reaching boundaries, from the tiniest nano-scale, to the greatest structures of the universe, and has thus discovered a world which is turning our thinking habits upside down. An invisible world of energy, vibration and information underlies everything and connects everything with everything else. The quantum physicists have tried to describe it. It is a world of unity, with which we human beings are the most intimately connected.
But in everyday life man thinks, makes decisions and acts as if he were separate, as if what he does to others would have no effect on the whole, not even to himself. He is not thinking in unity, because it is still not his experienced reality.
Community is a way of life which leads us to the experience of unity. There was a time on Earth when people lived in tribes. All indigenous peoples have had a connection with all living beings. They knew that the planet is interconnected, that what happens at one point that concerns everyone. They were stewards of the Earth. Today we have to reinvent the tribe or community. A group of people forms a community if they have a common goal and when their relationships with each other are based on trust. Trust among people, especially between men and women, trust in the nature, trust in creation. In a milieu of trust, we can again meet truthfully and tell each other what we like in the other and what not. Anti-social behavior is corrected immediately, because the social environment is not made up of institutions and law enforcement authorities, but of friends.
In a community we can take back the power which we have so far submitted to an anonymous society. We can take our concerns into our own hands and build a material basis of life that cooperates with nature and its beings. Community includes all beings, even water. Birth, sickness and death are part of life, and being so are also the part of the community. When one experiences true security and home, the inner steering impulses of anger, hatred and violence release from the system.
Community is a whole, which only works as well as its individual parts work toward cooperation with one another and toward serving the whole. It is a deep desire of the human being to belong to the whole again. In a trust-based community, every person develops their own unique gifts for the benefit of all. Communities are the human breeding ground for a humane society. A future culture of peace emerges from a network of autonomous, decentralized communities.

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