Donald Trump: It’s No Kidding Anymore

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It was and is no accident; it was and is the result of collective, historically blocked anger.

Donald Trump called on his supporters to “knock the crap” out of protesters who just look like as if they wanted to throw a tomato at them. (1) This call for lynch law, like many other calls, comes too close to fascist terror to be ignored. Donald Trump is a specter of our times; yet a very real one; a mouthpiece for the hidden feelings boiling in many people without usually finding a public political voice. Now they have got one. Many people are now allowed to say things they were not allowed to say before. I may remind you of the legendary ascension of Adolf Hitler in Germany more than eighty years ago. I don’t think we should equate Trump with Hitler. Hitler was a fanatic with a horrible political vision; Trump on the other hand is an unpolitical crusher, a player worth some billions of dollars. Yet, both find themselves to be in resonance with the rage of the people. The collective substratum rose its terrible head in the figure of the fuhrer. It was and is no accident; it was and is the result of collective, historically blocked anger, producing such phenomena both then and today. Anger arises when people are permanently confronted with injustice. The saying of the “enraged citizens” applies to Nazi Germany, today’s right-wing movements in Europe, as well as to the ticking Trump bomb; it applies to the enraged citizens in Germany as well as in the United States and everywhere. Trump says what many people think. He knows that and this is why he laughs.

Millions of people have seen their rights and their dignity taken away from them by politics and capitalist principles. Now, they are angry without actually being able to say against what, precisely. They need an outlet, a scapegoat. Back then it was the Jews, today it is the Muslims and migrants or – in the US – all those who do not have white skin. Something is being repeated, which has repeated all over the world all the time, on small and large scales. It is people’s collective rage against a system, which they cannot grasp and which does one nasty thing after the other to them. All attempts at overcoming this system – the capitalist system in this case – have thus far failed. Donald Trump can celebrate his victories with duncy joy. They will continue to sacrifice countless people for nationalistic, racist and imperialistic demagogy – often in agreement with banks, corporations and secret services.

I briefly want to add that there are currently very different forms of expression for this “enraged citizenship.” Certainly, the wild Vladimir Putin with his biker gang of the “Night Wolves” is part of it, too. The same context becomes blatantly obvious with all the young people from Europe joining the “Islamic State.” Whenever a higher authority permits violence, people’s desperately blocked life energy find its atrocious outlet.

We cannot prevent this political insanity through protest; protests simply shatter on the walls of our political and psychological (!) system. We need a new idea for the social and political organization of society. We will only be able to end the global horror if we are able to develop a convincing alternative to the structures of the existing society. Society does not need reform; what we need is an entirely new human, social, ethical foundation, which will no longer generate violence, suppression and hatred. This is no wishful thinking, because this foundation is already laid out within the matrix of life. In this context, I would like to refer to my book, Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love, and to the insights gained in the peace research of Tamera, Portugal.



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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump: It’s No Kidding Anymore

  1. ‘. i certainly agree with this analysis! The mass of the under-forties in the industrialised world is more ready than they may look. What is the biggest barrier is [of course] the centralised money system.
    We may want , even need, to go to a gift economy, but the intermediate phase is difficult to design , let alone implement. In actual collapse, emergenciy monies will appear, however, like cigarettes after WWII.
    The head space and heart space are coming into adaptation, I believe, and this will oil the gears of change….

  2. Grüß Dich, Didi !
    Du hast mit Deiner Diagnose Recht; und auch mit Deinem Vorschlag was gemacht werden sollte.
    ABER die Tatsache und Frage ist, was kann der durchschnitt Amerikanischer Wähler heute, momentan, in diesem Jahre, effektiv wirklich tun ?
    Wenn ein unkontrolierbar grosses Feuer in der ganzen Gegend dahinwüht, dann zünden die Feuerwehrmänner ein ‘Gegen-Feuer’ an. Das ist sicher sehr gefährlich; aber ‘in der Not, friesst der Teüfel Fligen’.
    Wie ich die ganze Sache sehe, meiner eigenen Meinung nach, ist der ‘Trump’ momentan, in der heutigen Situation, der Einzige von den effektiv möglichen Kandidaten der ‘etwas anderes’ machen könnte als die jetzige furchtbare Situation noch ärger zu machen. ‘Bernie’ währe sicher besser; hätte aber keine Chance gegen die Grossen Buben, wirklich etwas auf’s bessere zu ändern.
    Und der Adolf war, besonders am Anfang, wie ich die echte Geschichte von was damals wirklich passiert ist, sehe und verstehe, lang nicht so ‘schlecht’ wie er dann wurde; zu den Taten die er danach getrieben wurde, besonders von den Grossen Buben die ihre Macht besonders von ausserhalb Deutschland ausübten.
    Und ich kann mindestens hoffen daß die ‘weitere Geschichte’ – mit dem Trump, diesmal unter ganz anderen Bedingungen, in den Vereinigten Staaten wo die Grossen Buben im selben Land ihre grösste Macht und Gewalt haben – sehr andes laufen ‘kann’ (‘könnte’).
    Time will tell. We shall see. Whether we ‘like it or not’.
    Alles Schöne und Liebe Dir und Euch allen dort ‘oben’.
    Servus !
    Friedrich von Dreger, momentan in Neu Seeland

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