There are no Enemies

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Healing occurs when you accept love

The following article is a chapter of the book “Sources of Love and Peace“. These words – as well as all the other prayers in this book – were received by the author Sabine Lichtenfels during a series of morning meditations in Tamera, Portugal. In these mediations Sabine Lichtenfels lets the “Goddess” speak:

Healing only occurs if you accept love.
You will only be able to bring about peace once you have found peace in yourself.

Peace is inherent within you and within all beings. Like a seed, it is waiting for you to discover and develop it. Do whatever you do, with this seed in you.

It is MY task to be everywhere and in everything. It is your task to be where you are fully and thereby to keep your connection to ME. Stay with ME, for I am everywhere.

I am also where things seem to be facing you in hostility. Only when you understand that, can the peace-creating power of the mind manifest in you.

There are no enemies, only potential friends.

Hostility comes from the illusion of separation. If you have a hostile attitude, then you are separated from yourself and separated from the one existence. You have not yet been able to truly see and understand you own negative aspects. You therefore judge them in yourself and others.

Look into the mirror of your own soul. Gather all your courage in order not to get a fright when you see the images that you do not like. Look at them fully. At the deepest point, you will always find your way to ME. Here, you will also find information on how to overcome fear, shock and violence.

Know that you have all been both victim and perpetrator. What you judge in others today you may have been yourself in the past.

The request that you think differently about your enemies only seems moralistic as long as you seek an external God, who stands in judgment over you.

For inside of you, you also have a judge, who stands in judgment over you and others. That is the God of the Old Testament. It is your own judging eyes that come from separation.

When you are connected with ME, you can free others from judgment by freeing yourself from it.

If this peace can manifest fully in the souls, the power of change is enormous, for the power of peace is a divine power.

Healing only occurs if you accept love.

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