Thirty People can Change the World

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There is a force that is stronger than any government or any army because it is at home in the hearts of all human beings.


Abridged version from the book: “Grace – Pilgrimage for a Future without War”

Sabine Lichtenfels describes in her book “Grace” the first pilgrimage back in 2005. Since then many more followed in the Middle East, but also in Colombia and Portugal. Her driving force is the decision to uncover and change those internal structures which externally lead to war and violence. Doing this, Sabine Lichtenfels discovers a strength which begins to shine for ever clearer and brighter: “GRACE”, the connectedness with creation. It empowers her to follow her inner voice more exactly and more thrustingly than before. In the name of “GRACE” support actions and unusual encounters take place, walls of fear and rage which for a longtime have seemed insurmountable are now crumbling. With strong feminine authority and directness a women describes her steps against the war: “There is a force that is stronger than any government or any army because it is at home in the hearts of all human beings.” The book


My  pilgrimage was triggered by the question: What can we do to prevent the imminent war in Iran? Is it in our power to do something effective against the globalization of violence?
Now, after all that I have witnessed and experienced during these past months I believe more deeply than ever before: Yes, it is possible. 30 people can change the world. 30 people, who are fully determined to reestablish the points in their hearts, can prevent wars. Certainly this cannot be achieved by turning against the existing conditions, neither in a more grass-rootet actionist nor purely spiritual way. Political action, spiritual anchoring, persevering work in oneself, have to come together within cooperation partners, who learn to communicate in full trust. Such a determined group of people has to give the effort to establish social structures and living conditions capable of discovering and ending war between human beings in their inner hidden latency. They have to recognize, that a life model in which interpersonal wars no longer exist, including the hidden ones, will have a changing effect on the whole. If this is fully done with success at a few places on Earth, it will have a changing and field-building effect for the whole world.
Human beings who have learnt to love and who are not afraid of the truth will no longer participate in any war. More than that, they will be able to show at any place on this Earth how to live without war. This is my credo. It grows with each new experience. Yes, it is so simple and at the same time so profound.
But what does this mean to the Palestinian village of Anata, what does it mean to Ramallah, to Bethlehem, to all the places we visited? And these are just some examples where people must live under unworthy conditions. What does this mean with regard to overcoming the wall? What does it mean for the endless suffering all over the world and to which almost all the people who live in better conditions turn a blind eye? Life in Anata carries on. The soldiers will come again. The young people who have experienced the miracle of peace through our presence in Anata will return to throw stones the next day. How could they have understood, through our brief appearance, the mystery of peace-making?
The cause for war lies in the wrongly channelled longings and life energies of human beings. I repeat once again: Do we seriously believe that the many young soldiers who are now ready for war would really obey orders if they had a different perspective for their strength, their courage, their longing for adventure and community? It is the unfulfilled hunger for community, for love and religion, which drove us into collective insanity. We have to deal with the task of leaving this madness of our present civilisation and of entering a new form of life on Earth. (…)
My question is: if we see these connections, why are we still waiting? Why do we still continue with our smaller or bigger conflicts, with our battles in love, with our smaller or bigger needs? Why do we not undertake everything possible in order to clean out the secret complicity in our own life and actualise the real possibilities of life and love which have been given to us by God? Why do we cling to the habits of the old world, cling to doubts, discussions, lovesickness and compensation? Why do we ignore what we have known all along? Why do we not accept our task?
We have experienced many short term miracles where alleged enemies on a much deeper level recognized themselves as friends. Such miracles should not be allowed to remain purely emotional. First of all we ourselves have to understand the human system of these miracles in order to make them last. If we have really understood the rules and principles in love, we can effectively and permanently intervene in the world.

Do we know the five basic rules of love? Are we aware that the wars we lead in our partnerships are connected to the wars in the world? In the following, I like to name five simple principles of free love, in which we can measure our daily behavior. By adhering to these five principles, a new matrix on Earth will surely manifest itself.
1. God is love and any kind of love has its anchor in God. Those who have learnt to love, trust in the love of God.
2. Love begins with self-acceptance. Those who have learned to love themselves and to affirm themselves will not be able to use violence against anyone else, only those are able to love another human being. This simple rule you already find in the Bible: Love your neighbour as you love yourself.
3. Love is free. You can not bind a human being by claiming possession or claiming rights. You can not force anyone to satisfy your needs. Love and pleasure are gifts of life, no legal objects. When you start to demand love and sex, you can be sure you left your track. Return to it as fast as you can.
4. You can only be faithful if you are allowed to love others. Love knows no fences and no jealous prohibitions. She knows the compassion and the infinite interest in each other and in the world. True love by itself leads to faithfulness
5. Your love can endure to the extent that you are ready for the truth. Our whole culture is a bulwark against the truth. Whoever truly wants to love has to be ready to dissolve the bulwark within himself and to risk the truth in small and hidden things. (…)

GRACE could be the beginning of a worldwide movement for peace. We can prevent war! The peace movement can stop wars if it is timely, wise, strategic, numerous and resolute. Let us no longer follow the hypnosis of resignation, helplessness or disappointment! We shall succeed, if there are decided people all over the world, who for a year are doing nothing more than to engage themselves unconditionally for peace. (…)

The earth can only be saved if humanity carries out a transformation and comes to a new intelligence and a new readiness for truth and solidarity. Something must happen, something that is deeper and more comprehensive than all previous revolutions; a world revolution that essentially no longer fights against existing systems, but connects itself with the force of a higher order: the revolution of love and the establishment of living conditions where the life form of love can develop permanently. Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come, the idea of a world-wide peace movement centering on the idea of building global peace villages.
For the realisation of this big idea I shall continue my pilgrimage for the humanisation of money. (…) The peace movement needs the consciouse contact with the way how the moneysystem is functioning without being subject to its laws. The movement has to overcome old enemy images and help to create a humane economy.The money that would be used to finance wars today would be sufficient to protect humanity from hunger, misery, and violence if invested in appropriate peace projects. The idea of a world-wide peace movement, at the center of which is the idea of the peace villages, needs contact with a wider public. It needs the contact with experts and specialists in the field of economics who want to see and support the need for such a comprehensive rethinking. With the money of a single tank, we can put a powerful start to building peace villages in the Middle East, Colombia, India or Portugal.
Imagine: Each person acts wherever he lives aware of “ I am the change I want to see in the world.” Imagine: A world-wide net of mental and spiritual connectedness develops, a net of peace projects, futures communities and healing biotopes. They welcome pilgrims, who want to join the project GRACE and who wish to develop themselves. More and more people take on responsibility for the whole and joyfully accept the necessary work in all its aspects. (…)

Imagine: a worldwide group of resolute people who use their economic, political, and journalistic possibilities to support the idea of the peace villages – a global “syndicate for peace”.
This global group shall be responsible for the news to be spread throughout the world and for the setting up of training centers where the development of peace villages can be studied. These training centers will serve as hostels and meetings points for the worldwide peace movement and as oases of regeneration and cooperation.
Such a world group for peace could consist of about 30 people.(…)
I greet all friends and peace workers on this wonderful planet earth and wish all of us that we are still witnessing a life without war.

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