The Question of Religion

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Why and how do I exist; where did I originate?


Did we only invent god because we were looking for redemption in an inconsolable world? Or is there an objective reality in “god”?
In many realms of our existence, we cannot provide answers but we can see the matter and raise the question. Within us and above us, we recognize an immense universe, which we want to approach. What is the meaning behind these points of light in the night sky that we call stars or galaxies? Can we fathom those dimensions that are measured in millions or billions of light-years? Who has created all this and from where did it originate? Why and how does the whole exist; where did it originate? Why and how do I exist; where did I originate? What is the reality we believe to be real in our daily lives – and what is the reality we see above us at night? Who or what is the so-called “creation”? Who or what caused the emergence of the human being from a single-cell organism in four billion years of evolution? Are these theories actually correct after all? What does this mean, a period of four billion years? These are four-thousand-million years. What kind of dimensions are these? Are we amoebas in an unknown ocean of time and space, or is everything completely different?
Everything that exists, every thing, every plant, every body and every organ comes from the universe. All galaxies are involved in creating a single eye, for the whole is a unity. Yet, what is this “whole”? God? Is god outside of us or within us – or none of the above? Does god exist at all? If he does, why has this world been so atrocious up until now? The religious question is as central as the sexual. We just are not yet able to formulate it as precisely.
The world is a sacrament. Whether we love or curse it, whether or not we believe in god, whether we are Christians or Buddhists, Muslims or atheists, we live in a sacrament. We do not want to mystify anything, yet we no longer want to trivialize anything either. We are able to touch the world, in spite of its immeasurability. When we enter the realms of silence, contemplation and reflection outside of our daily business, perhaps even the realm of that other, greater kind of love, we encounter the world for some seconds in a strangely familiar way. And for these seconds, we have an unmistakable experience at this point of convergence – entering regions where the ciphers of this universe turn brighter and more transparent, where all our senses sharpen, where we are fulfilled with premonition, anticipation, wonder and gratitude.


Chapter from the German book by Dieter Duhm: Der immanente Gott. Fundamente der Befreiung (The immanent God.)

3 thoughts on “The Question of Religion

  1. I like this piece very much, and would like to have a way to contact you that is not so public. If you could message me through FB or contact me through my website below. Or email, still probably the easiest. I am working on a book that might be of interest to you, and thank you for this.

  2. One thing is certain: all the question can take place only if I am, I exist. Following our beloved teacher Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, by staying in this “I amness” without being this or that, all the answers will come, which actually is only one: Everything is because I am, God is nothing else but yourself, all else are just concepts from religion, quantum physics and philosophy. That I am is certain, that I am this or that, or the world/universe is this or that, is not…

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