A New Women’s Field

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Chapter of the book “Politische Texte für eine gewaltfreie Erde” (Political Texts for a non-violent world)

Women and men from the Tamera community dance within the call of “One Billion Rising” at the beach in Milfontes, Portugal, Photo © Simon du Vinage

Enter a new field, and new systems, new perceptions, new rules and new powers will take hold. Old fears have no meaning within the new field, as the whole has gained a new orientation and a new goal.

If the new field does not originate from the mainstream or from ideology but instead from authentic geistig development, then it usually has a higher potency and higher power of survival than the old. This is also true for the new field of women. The old field was characterised by comparison, rivalry and submission. It was connected with powers of destruction and of self-destruction. The field of women was historically conditioned over the course of thousands of years of cruel suppression, sexual exploitation and the destruction of love. This is an historical fact of of the patriarchal age of war. A woman who started to love usually also started to suffer after a while. Her powers, which actually wanted to flourish in love, would start to fade and to run dry. Under the pressure of the patriarchal system, the concepts of love, marriage and faithfulness became completely distorted. History forced women into an erroneous fixation on the man, a field where women’s self respect and love between the genders were based on a false value system.

We can define the field as a conscious or unconscious geistig information pattern which steers the behaviour of all participants of the field in a similar manner.

When one starts to enter a new field, inner doubts and defence mechanisms mount up at first. Suddenly one is much more strongly confronted with the questions of love, longing, partnership and sexuality than before. It is like fire walking. When one decides to participate in this new exercise in a group, at first everything inside rebels, as fire is hot, painful, dangerous… Why should it suddenly be different now? But the information that it works anyway causes the miracle; all of our cells adapt to it. No one is seriously burned. We now need comparable information for a new women’s role in free-love. Information becomes a field-building power if it gets around that “it works”. But before it can get around and become known, some women have to start and take it far enough that it actually does work – without inner conflicts or secret suppression.

We are living in a time of transformation and one should accept from the outset that the biggest changes are possible, also in oneself. I assume that it will soon take more power to maintain the old structures than to enter into the process of self-transformation.

Women’s traumatic issues do not need to be perpetuated. Women have their own function in the world which at first stands beyond all questions of relationship. When a woman becomes small in love, she is misunderstanding her actual role. When a woman runs after a man she runs straight past evolution. From a distance, all of these are very strange processes as the woman is, in her archetypal form and function, the guiding power in the basic questions of love and life. She is more the orientation for the man than the man is for her. Through her evolutionary role and through her connection with life, she has a different power and universality than only being the partner or girlfriend of one single man. If a woman attaches herself to one man too exclusively then she will probably either fade because of sexual frustration, or she will suffocate this man with her motherliness. In both cases, the inner power surplus inherent in her universal nature could not be contained. No woman can unfold this inner dowry of sexuality, love-power, ability to nurture and care for nature which creation has given her, in relationship to one single man. Her sexual power, the permanent presence of her sexual nature and her lust alone are the sign of a very different disposition.

I will take care not to define this disposition, otherwise programs would again develop. But I will dedicate my male soul fully to awakening and supporting the female soul within the woman. Sometimes it is a joke when men perform therapy. If woman could fulfil her societal role then therapy would no longer be necessary. A woman is, once she has found her female and universal identity, a natural haven for many men. A mature woman is an orientation for the soul in every functioning community. She is this simply through her authentic presence. In an organic community she will, for example, naturally be the love teacher of many young women and men. Not because she has to satisfy her own addiction to youth, but because it is her natural function and she is naturally visited in this sense. A knowing authentic woman is the natural authority for all who are hungry and for all seekers. This authority is not based on power and punishment but on knowledge, understanding and last but not least, of course on sexual joy.

The man, even the man of patriarchy, has basically assessed the high function of the woman more or less correctly and he had the first glimpses of the predominant social and political position of the woman which results from this. The decisive social and political functions of a non-violent life-oriented society are much more the task of the woman than of the man. The woman has the last word on all questions of community, emotional truth, cooperation with nature, healing, and on the reconditioning of consciousness. The man has the task of supporting her in this and of being “there for her”, as was the case in reverse in the past, but he cannot claim one of them all for himself. Of course he can try, but an intelligent woman will no longer follow this claim despite the silent seduction lying within it. The antiquated sweetness of a cottage for two was, in reality, always the total submission of the woman to the man. The woman actually has a latent love for this kind of submission. This is her other side. In the backyards of her heart she still wants to “attach herself” to a man, still wants to fulfil this time-honoured patriarchal commandment of the Old Testament, wants to fully be the servant of the man to the point of self-abandonment, wants to be owned by him, obey him and be dependent on him. The theologian Heide-Marie Emmermann described this truth incredibly profoundly and impressively in her book “Credo an Gott und sein Fleisch”. But an awakening woman will stop these submissive fantasies immediately when she has the possibility in real life to take on the position which she actually deserves.The emancipation of the woman is not a revolution against the man, but the discovery of her real meaning for the man, for all men, for all human communities and for all future healing biotopes on Earth.

I do not mean very young women, but women of about thirty or forty onwards. A woman at the age of forty steps into the prime of her life: the peak of her bodily beauty, her sexual power and her social function – and she will maintain her prime and her body for decades, if this is not made impossible by the prejudices and false sexual morals of society. She will have seen through and let go of all former games of femininity, the game of innocence, the game of coquetry, the game of seduction and rejection, the game of helplessness, the game of jealousy; she will have stopped playing the little girl or the mother. She will have long ago let go of all these games as the foolishness of youth. Why should she continue to play such games when she is anyway, with her female gifts, so close to the source of life?

When the first five women build a new women’s field in this sense they will very quickly trigger a chain reaction in a hundred more women. When they no longer fight each other because of a man, when they no longer chase after their longing in unfulfilled neediness, when they no longer secretly try to copy their mothers, then they will open a new possibility of female development for all women. They will profoundly change the future course of female destiny, because they are no longer forced to put their sexual powers on ice in the middle of their life. They will create an aspect of life which belongs in the core of every organic community and which from now on can no longer be missing from any futurological project: the whole aspect of sexuality and healing. It is the genuine field of women. A woman who is connected through her female nature with all the powers of life does not primarily represent a partnership and relationship oriented sexuality, but instead a universal sexuality. However, she lost most of her actual public functions in the patriarchal epoch, and therefore had to withdraw, also in love, to an artificial role in patriarchal society. Now, as patriarchy falls apart, she can reconnect with the greater line of her life.

This is a historic change of roles, which stands at the centre of a new order of the genders, at the centre of an organic natural system of free sexuality. Some women are anyway already noticing that they are more or less forced to develop in this direction: they no longer see a possibility of finding the “strong man” in whose arms they are allowed to remain small. They have to provide support so that the men to whom they want to surrender can develop. They have to bring their female knowledge to bear on societal and cultural decisions. In love, they are the leading power, whether they want to be or not, and they would best serve every human community by deciding to take on this role.

The creation of a new women’s field is a new step in the evolution of the human being and the evolution of life on Earth. When the natural power of women is liberated from relationship-thinking, all love-powers will tend to be liberated from relationship-thinking. The new field hits such a central point of life that everything is affected. Gardening, architecture, nourishment, child-raising, natural sciences, ecology, etc. will have a different meaning afterwards than before. The terms love, truth, faithfulness, trust, belonging and home will gain a universal meaning by being brought into accordance with blueprint of creation that is inherent in the roles of the genders. Children will be raised in a stable frame that is no longer dependent on the mood of two parents. Youths will receive an introduction to sexuality which will save them ghastly detours and furtiveness. Adults will no longer have to cling to one single partner to get their necessary portion of sex and home. And precisely because of this they might find their ‘Life Partner’. I want to repeat that free love and intimate love do not exclude each other, but actually complement and complete each other.

Like every new field whose time has come, the new field of women will also have much more power and potency than the old, as soon as it has strengthened and spread. The old field was connected with powers of destruction and self-destruction. The new field grows though positive affirmation of, and care for, the most essential energies of life. Those who remain in the old field will no longer be able to cope with the challenges of the new time. But nobody should force themselves here and now to take any decision. If the new field is in accordance with the most essential life-interests of the woman, and with her own function within creation, then it will prevail “morphogenetically”. All women who are still standing more or less open and alive in life will step into resonance with this field. In all of them, the possibility of a similar change in roles will be triggered; the term of “women’s emancipation” will have finally gained a new positive universal meaning. And I know men well enough to promise that men’s emancipation will follow immediately when the first women have taken their big step. It is a shared step of human realisation, but women clearly now have to take on the role of midwife.

Finally, a word about the question of relationship. All things in the world are related to each other. Earth, sun and moon relate to each other in a very specific way. This relationship fulfils itself naturally through the fact that each participant fully takes on their actual function. This function is not arbitrary as it is always connected with the world as a whole. The relationships between the entities of the world with each other are therefore not of private but of universal cosmic nature. The same is true for the relationship between the genders. They are also in a universal – we could also say transpersonal – relationship with each other, and this relationship decides for itself how close they come to each other, how much distance they need, how much intimacy, sexuality, partnership, etc. develops. Beyond that, they do not need any contracts of partnership or assurances of love. Of course, they will also again and again fall in love with each other individually. This is part of the game of life, but they will no longer make their destiny dependent on that, as they have complementary functions and possibilities of love which are no longer bound to individual relationships. A woman who follows the new field will never again have to complain about the scarcity of individual relationships as she has – because of her authentic radiance – become the natural haven of all men. The more fearlessly she stands in creation because of her new role, the more the men can also overcome their deeply ingrained fear of sexuality. And the more men can overcome their fear, the more they can let go of their vanities, their machoism and their need to dominate.

With the new women’s field,a human possibility of development also arises for the men. Therefore, in the name of all men, an appeal to the first five women: create the new field of free love.



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  1. I heard the call and I’m answering. I, and many of my friends, are thirsty to step into this new field. Most of us have come to this step almost by force – the force created by the crashing of the old system all around us.

    Thank you for a thought provoking and moving piece.

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