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Few days ago, on April 20th, was Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

Photo: Adolf Hitler as a child

Translated from the German by Martin Winiecki

Few days ago, on April 20th, was Adolf Hitler’s birthday. 128 years ago, the little Adolf came into this world in the little Austrian town of Braunau. Just like our new babies in the community of Tamera, Leon and Arik. What beautiful children they are!
 How could such a child turn into one of the most horrible mass murderers in history? His father was called Alois, a violent man. His mother was called Klara. She sided with her small son, when his father was about to beat him up once again. Yet, the man was stronger and got his way. Little Adolf developed a deep, faithful love to his mother; he almost idolized her. However, he saw how his father overpowered her. And when his mother died, the young Adolf decided, after a severe life crisis around the age of 20, to become even more powerful than his father – mightier, more violent, more merciless. He still needed some years to turn this decision into reality (1933), the most hideous reality a human being could ever bring about. Sixty million people lost their lives in an atrocious way…

Please don’t shed tears, but gain insight about those correlations!
What we are dealing with nowadays isn’t Hitler and it’s not about just cursing fascism either. This has been done often enough, and all too often by the wrong people. We must understand fascism – deeply and within ourselves – and create a world in which it can never – never ever – return again. Fascism isn’t a political system, but a profoundly psychological phenomenon. It’s rooted in the heart of a society that has submitted itself to forces hostile to life and that is therefore unable to bring up its children in trust and love. If this society had not existed, there would have never been a Hitler, neither would there have been a nation hailing him nor World War II. Let’s stop whining about the daily terror, the “Islamic State” and all the other spawns of this perverted world. The terror is inherent to the system. I was 14 years old when I was confronted with the reality of concentration camps and the atrocities of the German Wehrmacht. This was the point when my life begun to change. As human beings, we have the mandate to end this insanity for once and for all, including the insanity within ourselves.

Now, the forces of the past are rising up once again. The nationalist parties in Germany, France, the Netherlands… Orbán in Hungary, Erdogan in Turkey, Putin in Russia, Trump in the United States, Netanyahu in Israel… Everything follows the old pattern. Neither protests nor attempts at reform will save us from this, however courageous or honorable they may be. What we need is a radical renewal of our interpersonal and societal foundations. And this renewal will begin with real-life models that make the vision of a liberated and healed world visible. A Colombian woman who fought thirty years on the side of the FARC guerrilla said, “if we really want this whole madness to stop, we will need to develop global models. We are global beings and need to give a global response.”
 The new world begins when children can grow up differently. In our love to children (as in the love to animals at play and all living innocence), we experience life as something cheerful and sane. Children need the love of their parents, so they can grow up in such freedom. What they need is love, not just obligation. The violence on Earth originates from unfulfilled and deceived love. So that children can rely on their parents and so that the love of their parents no longer shatters in conflicts around jealousy, mistrust or separation anxiety, the parents need to be at home in a higher system of life – a stable community. And so that a community can become big and stable, it needs to be at home in the higher (divine) order of life. There’s no way around it. These are the primal conditions of our human existence that apply to all cultures and continents. We need neither religion nor any god to understand them, as the divine generates those existential conditions and operates through them so long as we protect and take care of them.

A new humane culture will be based on the universal pattern, which we in Tamera call the “Sacred Matrix.” It’s a basic pattern of life, inscribed in the entelechy program of our nuclei and in the coexistence of all of humanity. All beings are connected to this program, because all life on Earth constitutes one unified existence, one single organism. For an organism to live freely and healthily, its organs mustn’t fight each other. We human beings are such organs. The task that we who are facing the fascist threat need to solve consists of creating interpersonal and societal structures in which people will no longer fight each other, not even in subtle ways, because they will be joined together in a higher power where they can no longer be any fighting, fear or violence. Those are systems of total trust. Not everyone can immediately come together in community, but everyone can follow the guidelines of sincere ethics and support the vision of peace. What needs to arise both in cities and in the countryside are models for such a new form of existence –sites for a new way of coexistence among people and with all living beings that will in fact be free of any fear and any violence. We call those places “Healing Biotopes.”

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  1. The best Understanding always yet to the Aetiology of Hitlers (+ for the new-) Fascism , is Dr. med Wilhelm Reich´s Book: “Mass Psychology of Fascism”, where he described, that the archaic Maya Swastika in a round brown cycle is the Sun/Life/Love+ Sexuality and as Vitality Symbol, which are, together with the holistic constructed Ideology to all Humans, is one of the best Drawer for suppressed Love/Live+=Vitality Energy!
    And the “Heil Hitler”- or earlier “Ave Caesar” Greed is one of the most energetic Power Tool to get the People together for an Project!!!

  2. Another View:

    One of the foremost authorities, researchers, and authors on the topic of Community building is Dr. M. Scott Peck. In his book, “The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace,” he identified 4 clear stages to successful building of True Community. We call this “Community” with a capital “C” and these are the four stages Dr. Peck outlined:

    Pseudocommunity: This is a stage where people pretend to have a balanced and open friendship with one another, and cover up their differences, by acting as if the differences do not exist. Pretending differences don’t exist, and pseudocommunity, can never directly lead to True Community; so the goal is to maintain open communication and a commitment to celebrating diversity so people can spend as little time as possible in this “pretend” stage of community.

    Chaos: When pseudocommunity fails to work, the members start falling upon each other, giving vent to their mutual disagreements and differences. This is a period of chaos. It is a time when the people in the community realize that differences cannot simply be ignored. Chaos looks counterproductive but it is the first genuine step towards Community building.

    Emptiness: After chaos comes emptiness. At this stage, the people learn to empty themselves of those ego related factors that are preventing their entry into

    Community. Emptiness is a tough step because it involves the death of a part of the individual (ego). But, Peck argues, this death paves the way for the birth of a new creature, the Community.

    True Community: Having worked through emptiness, the people in Community are in complete empathy with one another. There is a great level of tacit understanding. People are able to relate to each other’s feelings. Discussions, even when heated, never get sour, and motives are not questioned.

    Thanks for reading.

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  4. “if we really want this whole madness to stop, we will need to develop global models. – Well said.

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