The Original Trauma of Humankind

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Everywhere on Earth, in the East, South, West or North, everywhere it is the same original drama

Wilhelm Reich played an important role in the development of the “new left movement” in Germany with his sexual education. He wrote a book called The Murder of Christ. With the words of this title he related to a historical event, the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. Let us assume that this story is true. Jesus loved a woman, Mary Magdalene. And this woman loved Jesus, truly and deeply. She witnessed the crucifixion of her beloved. Do we have any idea what it means to be nailed alive to a cross? What did Mary Magdalene experience in this moment? It was the end for her. The only thing left was an overwhelming pain. From this moment on everything was extinguished; her belief in love, her faith in God, her faith in a life of love and truth. Everything sank into absolute despair. She felt as millions of others have done since. This is the original trauma of destroyed love.

Let us take another example from our own time. A tribal community in the jungle of Brazil is stripped of its livelihood by loggers from a Swedish timber company. In this indigenous community a young love couple live – a man and a woman. The man has to join the loggers to earn money for himself and his tribe. In doing so he becomes a traitor in the eyes of his tribe. This leads to a fight in which the young man is killed. But the young woman loved him more than anything, now she stands there like Mary Magdalene powerless in pain without end. Who could she hate? Against whom or what could she transform her pain into anger? Not against her tribe, nor against her beloved. Against the loggers? Do not many of them come from similar tribes? This leaves the timber company as a target for her anger. But that is part of an imperialist system against which she has no chance. All that remains is utter resignation. It is the resignation in the face of imperialist violence against which a single person or a single indigenous community, really has no chance.

As long as humans, men and women, are exposed to the influence of these external powers love and faith have no chance. Everywhere on Earth, whether in Greenland or China, the Philippines or Sudan, in the East, South, West or North, everywhere it is the same original drama of devastated love, solidarity and trust. In the name of the one world religion that rules the Earth today: the religion of global capitalism. But capitalism is comprised of human beings who also carry within themselves the trauma. Mere accusations or resistance make no sense here. No liberation movement or political organization can overcome the existing system as long as people insist on their current positions. Be they right or left, these are always positions of unresolved inner pain, of repeatedly unfulfilled love, of unresolved anger that has no output.These are the positions of a human race which has been deeply conditioned to believe that love, trust and community always lead to catastrophe. This is the hypnosis of our world.

Today’s most important work is to wake from this collective hypnosis: dehypnotization, reconditioning, release from the belief in the cross. There is only one task of a global revolution: to liberate love forever from the cross. Only when we start to understand the original collective trauma, only when we start to build a world which is stronger than this trauma, will we have a chance of liberation and redemption. This world begins with creating communities of trust which enable us to recognize the truth and the original trauma. Then a new direction of thinking emerges as well a fundamental shift in our concept of the revolution that is necessary. This is what lies behind the global Healing Biotopes Project that we brought to life a few decades ago. Ecological solutions and alternative technologies for water, energy and food are for sure necessary to access this new way of thinking but they can only become globally effective in conjunction with inner truth. This truth lies in the areas of sexuality, love and community. Here we experience the power of deep trust, the power of belief that overcomes the cross and enables us to endure.

Translated from the German by Juliette Baigler and Monika Alleweldt


5 thoughts on “The Original Trauma of Humankind

  1. Another moving text. What is being touched are the inner traumata, where they connect in a such a complex way, that they seem unsolvable, that there seems to be no addressee…and again, the way out is in the middle, in the middle of my self… and with that in the middle of the pain that all of us carry.
    To see what emerges to my sight in this moment and to solve what I can bear to solve, requires the courage to open up also- and this is vital- towards the inside, towards self-love. Without being ready to love oneself the pain that accompanies realisations around a trauma makes no sense and is not bearable.
    To look for love and help where I find it and might have never guessed that I would, because I am awake and do not make the fear of looking my guide, but am guided by that trust, which grows with self-acceptance and (self-)forgiveness.
    This trust some call god. I do not know a name for it, but I feel it. It is this which makes me go on, from this I receive the power to love anew again and again. To walk on new paths and to let go of the notion that creates pain in this Moment. It is this power that helps me bear the tension in discord, which lets me believe that there is a bigger connection and that I am contained within and salvaged. I feel clearly that I am learning, even if it hurts, something within me is connected to where the pain is healed because it is embedded. So I can see light in darkness because I see the dance of life.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. 1. Choice = after careful consideration.
    2. Decision = some thing,person,place gets cut off from life.

    Note: I choose number 1 for my life today.

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  3. Perhaps this could be done with a new version of the Passion play? Or creating an entirely different kind of play that gets performed all over the world, which has mudras and physical release from the trauma of the cross woven in to the fabric of the performance.

  4. This touches on two major themes that have continually surfaced for me whenever I start to examine how humanity could evolve and transcend the imbalance and source of what makes for so much suffering on this planet: the exploitive dehumanizing system of capitalism and emotional woundedness and trauma from wars (including patriarchy and the war on women that has gone on for centuries), poverty, and class systems. I appreciate your analysis, Dieter Duhm, as it simplifies matters considerably. We can start to create a different kind of economic system within the context of ecovillage communities, and we can experience group healing of archetypal emotional wounds that continue to play out so long as they never get resolved. I believe that waves upon waves of healing love will be unleashed when we start to hold mass healings… that the synergy of spirit will accelerate and complete the healing processes that have taken a lifetime and more of working on ourselves. A place like Tamera seems a nurturing environment to begin.

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