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The worldwide movement begins to see itsself. Like the cells of a caterpillar which in their metamorphosis recognize, with amazement, the image of the beautiful butterfly that they bring into being with their coordinated work and transformation.

The image of Terra Nova, the new earth, is surprisingly beautiful:

  • Peace instead of war
  • Love without jealousy
  • Community between people on the basis of trust and solidarity among humans
  • Love and sexuality free of fear
  • Animals, even the smallest, are lovingly treated as equal fellow beings
  • Humanity now treats water properly

We green the deserts, cultivate fertile gardens, and use only limitless sources of energy. All war is ended. Industry gets a new task – no longer in the name of exploitation and profit, but in creative service of life. In a future culture of peace all living beings get everything they need: food, water, energy, home, solidarity and a creative task. A deep peace and joy begins to spread.

Hardly any cell still in the state of a caterpillar would have believed this development is at all possible. They could see only one side of reality: the bitter end, the terrible violence, the threat of an upcoming system collapse. More and more people started to see behind this global backdrop of war and realize what forces we can cooperate with to end the era of violence. In this undertaking the active envisioning of “Terra Nova” plays a key role.

Terra Nova is a target picture of evolution, not the project of a particular group. It is realized from the unification of those who are caught by the powerful stream of the new future. Now, with this open consciousness, we recognize the tremendous offense of the past, and the absurdity of even a single gun on this planet. We release ourselves from the clutches of collective trauma, which has supressed us for so long.

We raise our voices for the people of crisis areas, for the hungry, for the victims of violence, for animals, oceans and nature. There is a power which is able to replace the previous system of violence: it lays in the manifestation of Terra Nova, of a new system that makes the old one obsolete.

When all those who demonstrate against the injustices can see this positive perspective, the fight is won.


Who we are:

This blog was created by the Institute for Global Peace Work (IGP) in Tamera, Portugal as a platform for basic ideas, visions, activities and projects for a new earth, for Terra Nova.

The Terra Nova Voice combines writings from Tamera founders Dieter Duhm and Sabine Lichtenfels with the releases of the Terra Nova School, the Global Campus, Grace Media and the Ring of Power with many more voices from the IGP’s international network.

In the name of a new Earth.

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  1. Hi
    My name is Kris, i live in Matavenero an ecovillage in León mountains. We are very interested in your work with water. It would be possible for you yo help us with this issue? Which are your conditions?
    Thanks a lot

    • Hello Kris, we know Matavenero! I will connect you with the people from our ecology department. We know that water retention is a solution for many areas in the world, also for re-balancing the climate! But it has to come in combination with the knowledge of creating communities. Otherwise you will not be able to really manifest it. We are not enough people to go to all the places who ask for help and teach them one by one. Therefore we are creating an education where water retention is part. We hope we can offer it already next year. Do you want to be included in our monthly newsletter? You will be informed about everything what is going on in Tamera and its network. Let us know!

  2. مرحبا اود لانضمام اليكم وتعلم مبادئ لبيرما كلتشر
    اود زيارتكم اذا تم دعوتنا

  3. Hi,
    I have been interested in Eco-villages for a while now, would like to do EDE which incidently
    I believe you must have a degree now to be able to do it, there seems to be a general perception
    that said Eco-villages are somewhat elitist.
    Tamera seems to be an exclusive holiday resort for central European middle class
    youngsters, most Portuguese feel and are excluded, basically a good idea but…
    Lately you have been more in the Media, but it had more to do do with donations
    than opening up.

    I only wrote this because of the post you put on FB regarding “The searing hypocrisy of the West”, indeed.


  4. I heard about you fro more than a year and I plan to visit you either in summer or in fall
    I’d like to know if dogs are welcome as I plan to get one soon to travel along in my van It will be well educated and I am responsible of it on every level ( I collect its dog doings and keep it with me )
    Second point : I don’t find the intendance, logistics points to come and visit you
    I can imagine you charge for the seminars but is it possible to exchange work ; what are the condtiions to stay ( meals for example )
    As I said I will live in my van ; I suppose there is a campsite
    Thank you for your answer and I keep in touch for my visit
    I also propose to translate ( french-english and reverse ) and I am also a writer-photographer ;I read you look for this kind of people I sent you a mail but never got an answer
    In peace

    • dear nane, please contact our office with all these questions: office (at) tamera.org! thank you!

    • Great! Contact us via email (igp (at) tamera.org) and let us know more about your solution, so that we can connect you with the right people!

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