March 8: International Women’s Day

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We begin with a view into history…

At the Second International Conference on Women in Copenhagen in 1910, the German socialist Clara Zetkin proposed the introduction of an International Women’s Day. This idea was realized in many countries around the world the following year. Women took to the streets to fight for their right to vote. The day was turned into an anti-war action day during the First World War.

Even today women (and men) rise up in all countries to oppose violence against women. For “One Billion Rising” on February 14th 2014, flash-mobs took place on the streets in front of government buildings, in shopping centers and parks in over 200 countries around the world. About 40 women in Tamera also participated through dancing. Here is a beautiful video clip from the performance: One Billion Rising/Tamera

We gathered the community in the cultural center of Tamera. Monika Alleweldt held a strong political speech about the current situation of women worldwide. She informed us that in 2012 an estimated 20 million people were abducted in human trafficking worldwide; most of them were women and children. Many of them end up in brothels where the conditions are often unimaginably cruel. In the United States, for example, young women are sometimes forced to receive more than 40 ‘customers’ per day. This means another man every 15 minutes, 12 hours a day. (Source: //

An end to this insanity! We need to oppose the unspeakable suffering that hides behind such numbers with an absolute NO, like the courageous initiators of “One Billion Rising” started through their worldwide actions.

Beyond this however, we need to find and establish a new women’s power. The end of sexual violence is not only the correction of part of society; it is nothing less than a fundamental revolution in our whole way of life and society. As women today we recognize that our emancipation isn’t achieved through suffrage and equal salaries. We need to give birth to an entirely new image of women – where women reconnect to their original feminine source and speak up for the protection of life, of children, animals and plants on this planet – for a humane world. Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of Tamera, peace activist and one of the “1000 Women for Peace” writes, “Feminine power is not targeted at men, nor is it targeted against our love for men – it simply, decisively leaves behind those male structures that have led to the worldwide extinction of life and love.”

We recommend reading the essays “Gentle Power – Thoughts on a New Women’s Movement” by Leila Dregger and Monika Alleweldt and “I love Being a Woman” by Sabine Lichtenfels. In both essays the authors describe the change from the old patriarchal image of women towards a new feminine power with strong and courageous words.

We want to revive International Women’s Day on March 8th in its original political meaning and use it to raise the issue of a new women’s movement in talks among us and to make it a subject of public debate.
It is an adventure to meet among women anew and to work seriously with the question of how a new image of women might look. What is our true source, if we no longer search for it only in a man? What are new professions that authentically correspond to the feminine nature? And what can we women do when we look into this world with an open heart if we are no longer willing to accept these conditions as “normal”?
(Of course, men circles may meet where these issues are being looked at and worked on from the male perspective.)

Towards a movement for a free Earth!

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