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Peace School Mirja
– Insights during the Forum* – Cooperation with Animals 

January 20

Tamera_DiarySchool Mirja: My day started with waking up from a strong dream: I am on a bus that was just exploded by a suicide bomber. I walk between the injured people and I take small metal pieces out of their skin. I am concentrated and have no fear.

Yesterday ended with a touching forum performance of a young man, a refugee from Albania, dealing with his father, the gap between the generations and cultures. Today the group dove into the political situation of the world. Coming from US, Israel, Palestine, Portugal, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greece, Spain, Chile and UK – we bring the world with us into every meeting. Nevertheless, for many of us, even the ones who are coming from a political background, the speech by Martin today was shocking, realizing the insanity and cruelty of the system of violence which has taken over planet Earth.

The insight of knowing that our culture was made by humans like us, the same patterns of capitalism and greed are rooted in our inner patterns, can be a strong engine for establishing new beliefs, thoughts and behaviors which carry a new information of peace. This is a system change that we need to do together.
(Author: Uri)


School Mirja: Every day in the starts with a common morning attunement, which has consisted of the repetition of a specific group of sentences for reflection.
 “Start your day with the conscious decision to live in a sacred manner. 
Find your readiness.
 Find your joy. 
Find will. 
Find your prayer.” 
Words worth of the repeated attention they receive, as they reveal different layers, and always somehow quite existential. Everyday when I hear these words different thoughts come to mind… 
To live in a sacred manner. To live holding in awareness the sacredness of life, to live in manifestation of my higher being, in consciousness that I am a spiritual being having an earthly experience. To be constantly free to love, to find the readiness to change. To live the joy of experiencing life and being surprised by life’s turns. 
 To have the will power to hear (the mirrors), see and overcome my resistances. To hear the prayer that nourishes and inspires my soul. 

As one of our facilitators said, we are in the perfect place for training to be peace workers: there are all the issues that can trigger our resistances, yet there’s no danger, therefore no need for identification or defensiveness. There’s no danger! What a relief just to hear these words…! In the last millennia of patriarchal human culture we got so used to live in constant fear we don’t even realize it anymore. It became normal. Something absolutely not normal became normal. The fear of survival, be it physical, psychological, or on social levels. “What will they think of me?” and we freeze in anticipation of something we actually don’t know. The fear of judgment and the fear of rejection are common to every human being, and we end up spending a lot of our energy holding up masks that we believe we need to survive. “There’s no danger” because of the field of trust between the human beings, who come together here with a common goal, based on the high vision of the Healing Biotope Project. Human beings committed to research for global sustainable peace, and to transform themselves in service for this goal, coming together in truth, solidarity and mutual support.
 And all these revolutionary thoughts can be brought into one’s mind every morning!
(Author: Madita)


January 19

140902_Tamera_Animals_Dogs_SDV_30Today I went to the veterinarian with our new female dog Suraya to sterilize her. It has been exactly one month ago that I could pass on the last two of the nine puppies in the litter she has recently given birth to.

In my soul and mind I fully connected with a realm of thought in which I could fully say ‘yes’ to this procedure. I knew that it is necessary in a time of transition where we – human being and animal – are not yet able to fully communicate with one another. In my vision I see a future where it will of course be possible that the dog with communicate with us human beings when she wants to become pregnant and that she would only give birth to as many puppies as we are able to receive in a good manner. I know this sounds like a science-fiction novel but in other areas we have already made profound experiences of this kind.
Today I also come to another learning unit in what it means when human being and animal cooperate with each other. In the last days I have again and again taken time to tell her what I plan to do with her and how the sterilization will proceed. I spoke to her as if speaking to a fellow human being – in the beginning with the impression that she doesn’t want to listen; later however with the impression that she agrees and ‘knows’ what is going to happen.
In the visit to the doctor itself she was infinitely cooperative. I give thanks to the great spirits of the dogs and her. She normally doesn’t walk in to roofed rooms. This time she walked from her account – even if a little crouched – into the doctor’s office, sat down on the scale, permitted us to bring her up on the table. Everything happened without any sign of panic, which I would have expected due to her fearful nature. She got anesthetized and slept. It was beautiful that I could be with her. She laid her head onto my arm and I was spiritually always with her, with gratitude for her readiness.
The surgery went well. Now we are back home and she is recovering. I’m grateful for this lesson, understanding that life is oneness and that we are able to communicate with all of life when we open our hearts for it.
Thank you for this world!
(Author: Badiya)


100709_MG (4)In our team meeting yesterday, we spoke about the small boar that had come to us on St. Nicholas’ Day. We gave him the name Eberhart Nicholas. We were thinking about what would be the best and most healing method to remove the pegs from his nose. We wanted to find an unspectacular way free of stress. If possible we didn’t want to include a veterinarian, because this always triggers such anxiety in the animals. We have had a good conversation, but haven’t reached a final decision yet.
When I arrived this morning at the “working place” of the three pigs together with Ramon, I joyfully noticed that he had already removed the pegs by himself; without any injury, simply because he is doing the same as these colleagues – digging with huge dedication and activating their joy for life.
Once again I am happy moved by these processes, thankful for the moments of guidance and “coincidences” we experience.
(Author: Heide)


Today, in our Forum*, I performed my negative belief sentences that make it impossible for me to love Kevin. For many years he has been in a partnership with one of my best female friends. How should there be a prospect of fulfillment for me in such a constellation? He in fact loves her. And when he and her love each other, how should there be space for another woman? There is no picture for how two women love the same man, when one is in partnership with him and the other one isn’t. How should there be a fulfilling love for all?

In the book Weiche Macht [Gentle Power], Sabine Lichtenfels writes, “A women’s movement determined to develop a moving and transforming power, needs to be based on a kind of solidarity, which even stands firm in crisis situations. (…) Such a movement also needs to be able to answer intimate questions, such as, ‘What is to be done when we love the same man?’ (…) We will take a thorough look at the insanity that we have been involved in through our images of love in order to understand the necessity of having to create a completely new image of love if we want to bring about societal change and healing. (…) A solution can only come about once we have recognized that we women have to and are able to develop new social structures in love; structures that correspond to our actual feminine and social role again. When we look into the nature of love and sexuality without immediately reacting emotionally or judging we see very quickly that the old belief sentences in love drive us into ruin, mistrust and envy. They are diametrically opposed to love’s essence.”

Such quotes sound wonderful, but translating them into real life practice is an enormous undertaking. That is why I prefer to not follow my impulses from the very outset. If I for example would have most loved to go with him, to give him a kiss, I just don’t do it. Instead I keep up my old disbelief and frustration.
This is where my presentation ends. I received wonderful mirrors from my comrades and friends. They answered in saying, ‘Yes, this image doesn’t historically exist yet. That is why it is even more important for you to follow your impulses of love, in order to help giving birth to this image. It would be evolutionarily unfair not to use this possibility!’
What a shift in thinking! In one moment I’m the victim of an absolutely insurmountable conflict and in the other moment, I’m allowed to participate in the global process of emerging love. It’s an interesting point for us women – I neither search for a husband who would only be there for me nor do I search for the completely uncommitted erotic life. I search for a middle way; a way of friendship, love, depth, freedom, Eros and contact that corresponds to the truth of the heart. At first there is no role model to follow here. ‘I’m neither his partner nor am I not,’ a friend once said who faced the exact same situation. I’m infinitely grateful for the privilege to be in the protection of the community while I face this situation, standing there with shaky knees, hope and doubts… but with the knowledge that most intimate of questions within me move all women of the world (and men, too). With every step I take on this new continent I pave a road, which can of course we walked by other women too. It is a path for all women of this world. And they will engage themselves for peace with heart and soul once they can see real perspectives in this area.
Here’s to all partners on the side of men, to all wives and lovers – may we find deep solidarity and collaboration among us women at this point!
(Author: Saara)

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