Women Waging Peace – The March of Hope

I am back from the march of hope in which I participated for 2 weeks.

march19It is a feeling of real history making. We were walking with 20,000 people on the march in Jerusalem, and 4000 women next to the dead sea – almost half of them Palestinians. It feels powerful, hopeful, something is growing and it is unstoppable. I feel so honored to be part of it.

In Neve shalom Leymah Gbowee from Liberia said: “If you want to make peace you need to be serious about it. It is a big responsibility to be carriers of hope”. Women wage peace took this woman from Africa as her role model and she is worthy to be such an inspiration for the movement.

Watch her speach: s//www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFSd2-lr0GQ

I add a letter from my friend Yael.
Sham-Ba Ayalon

Very dear friends from all around the world,

I want to thank you SO MUCH for all your support and for the incredible events you pulled off. The support all around fuelled our engines and blew the wind under our wings.

To be honest, I have no idea how to write about what happened here in the last few days. So many moving moments, so much excitement and total awe in the face of what was happening.

For example, marching through Um El Fahem, an Arab city that so many Israelis are afraid to visit. 400 people going through this beautiful city and all we met was people smiling, coming out to us with coffee and sweets, telling us that they want to live together in peace.
Or in Qasr El Yahud, after for months people assure us that Palestinian women will not come, that if we’ll have 50 Palestinian women we should be happy, to see bus after bus after bus after bus. More than 1000 Palestinian women from Jenin, Ramalla, Nablus, Jericho and more. All with a white hat over their Hijab and rapped up with a white shirt they received, so that all of us look similar, united in white. If tears were sweet water, this desert spot would have become an oasis.
And then the first time after we began to march in the desert when I looked back and saw the long trail of women in white, the end of which I couldn’t see, singing, clapping, drumming… Or the first time in Jerusalem when I looked back and realized that all my worries were for nothing, because the river of marchers behind me was just unbelievable.

And then there was Leymah Gbowee. This woman is beyond anything I could imagine. She is a giant leader and a fantastic speaker. She carries the weight of somebody who’s done it, and the charisma of those powerful preachers. Being in her presence and hearing her speak was a privilege, and inspiration, and “a call for duty”.

The final ceremony was beautiful and moving. I’m attaching a link to the clip which was screened, you may find yourself in it :-) and a link to the whole ceremony. Most speeches are translated, and if not, you can fast forward.

Now we must keep moving, we have to take this success and use it to further our cause, which is to bring an end to this bloody conflict. Right now women are sitting in a Peace Sukka, built with pieces from the quilt, and next week we’ll start vigils and performances in from of Netanyahu’s house and the Knesset.
On top, the different teams are reconvening to schedule regional and national activities, and we’re already planning our next meeting with our Palestinian sisters to determine the next steps (after we’ll sleep for a day or two :-)

I’m determined more than ever to take it all the way, and I know for sure that so are my friends in WWP. This is why I truly hope that you’ll stay with us and connected, as we all complete our mission together.

Sending you much love,
Summary clip: s//www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AUEbjiXV98
The final event: s//www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=12&v=0CpopEStlms
Follow the Englsih FB page: s//www.facebook.com/womenwagepeaceenglish/

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  1. Awesome Women Walking in Love Together. You bring music to my heart. And many millions of Women from around the World are with you In Spirit! Thank you thank you thank you. Brave courageous open loving caring compassionate Women!!!

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