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For an Alentejo with Solar Energy 
Let us join forces to stop the offshore and deep offshore oil drilling and fracking planned off the Alentejo’s beautiful coast. This decision, taken by the current and previous governments, was made without the people’s consent, and without any environmental assessment. We must not accept it.

We know:
The oil industry is declining worldwide. The promised jobs do not exist. The profit of the oil companies will never reach the Portuguese society.
The oil drills and offshore fracking will bring danger to what is precious to all of us: the water, the fish, the whales and dolphins, the beaches, to fishery and tourism, to our jobs and livelihood.
With the drills, we risk oil spills like the 2010 Deepwater Horizon in the gulf of Mexico, which turned the beaches into a black mass of tarmac.

This shall be the future of our beaches and shores? We say NO. We cannot and will not allow this to happen, for the sake of nature, our children and the future. We stand up to defend life, because life is sacred and more precious than any profit.

In order to make our NO effective and powerful, we need to know what we say yes to.
There is an alternative. Instead of relying on the dying petrol system we can build a regenerative system based on cooperation between people and with nature.
With decentralized solar technologies, we can generate clean energy in abundance for all. Like experience from many countries show, it is solar energy that truly creates jobs.
As we see with organic agriculture, we can provide all the food we need in our region while simultaneously regenerating the landscape, the forests and water cycles – without fossil fuels..
On this basis we will be able to revitalize our villages and can create a prosperous society guided by care and solidarity.

The Alentejo, the most sun-rich region of Europe, could move to the forefront of a rising global future and pioneer an emerging decentralized solar age. Portugal could follow the example of Ireland, the first country on Earth that decided to fully divest from fossil fuels. We welcome specialists in solar energy, ecology, water management and community-building to help us make our region independent from the systems of exploitation and destruction. (Examples for this are already arising in the region, like: Sao Luis em Transicao, Tamera Energy Autonomy (in process), hotels, freguesias and companies which shift from petrol to solar energy.)
We welcome activists from all over the world to rise with us against the oil drilling and fracking and for the alternative. We especially greet our Indigenous friends at “Standing Rock” (USA), who have stood against a destructive oil pipeline through their reservation and inspired millions of people throughout the world. Like them, we are telling the petrol system: “We do not hate you, but we are not going to accept your orders either.” We invite all companies, politicians, and policy makers to be part of the change, too. Invest into a new future instead of the dead-end of petrol.

We give thanks to the Municipality of Odemira for speak out so clearly against the oil drills. Now we ask you to join forces with us and say YES to create a region of hope.


ALA – Alentejo Litoral pelo Ambiente
ASMAA – Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association
Academia Cidadã
Horta do Zé
Paulo Borges


  1. I am overwhelmed to see such good effort that has been carrying forward by Tamera to save the future. Good luck Tamera. To save the world we all should have combine efforts with the specific vision.

  2. I wish what you said about Ireland was true…that we have fully divested from fossil fuels…there are plans for fracking in Leitrim which have been successfully kept at bay for now by sustained campaigning…but we are also facing oil-drilling off the southwest coast (Providence) and there is also oil exploration planned for the Irish Sea…not to mention the high-dependence of most of the population on fossil fuels for heating, transport etc…I hope your words will become reality though

  3. Tamera provides an excellent model for regenerating the land and water. Good luck with this effort! It may seem idealistic, and unlikely to prevail, but it must! This is the true vision of the future and what we must work together to develop. Inviting politicians and policy makers to embrace your vision instead makes a lot of sense… especially if you can help nudge them into an expanded perspective that takes into account everyone’s interests, today and in future generations, as well as a more reverent relationship with the earth.

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